Our latest comics are now available for purchase on Comicsy, the UK’s online marketplace for indie comics. Click here to visit the Disconnected Press Shop.

You can order online, pay by PayPal, debit or credit card, and we’ll post your comics direct to your door.


CROSS: A Political Satire Anthology – £5.00

Sentient Zombie Space Pigs: The Whole Hog (trade) – £4.00

The Story of Luis Aguado – £4.00

Disconnected Vol. 3 – £5.00

Prices above do not include P&P; in the UK this will be approximately £1-£2 depending on your order.

If you’re not sure what to buy or how to buy it, get in touch by email with and we’ll help you out.

We hope you enjoy our comics – please tell us what you think either by email or on Twitter!

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