We’re delighted to announce more details of two new books we’ll be publishing this winter:

Disconnected Vol. 2 will pick up where Vol. 1 left off, exploring the curious things that happen in small towns, the stories that don’t make the big city press, the tales that tell us the truth about ourselves as we twitch the net curtains between our fingers. The biggest challenge for Vol. 2 was maintaining the quality of writing and art that was so well-received in Vol. 1 – no pressure! We’ve brought together a crop of writers and artists that we think deserve their place in the comics pantheon, and we’ll be introducing some of them to you over the next few weeks…..

How To Kill Bears is the second volume coming out soon. A sister publication to our earlier Lost: Boys, it follows the fortunes of four female characters, in stories written by Lizzie Boyle and brought to life by emerging and even unknown female artists. Again, we’ll be putting our artists in the spotlight in the coming weeks so watch this space.

Images, teasers, biographies and additions to our amazing online shop to follow. If you’d like to put your name down for a pre-order, email lizzie@disconnectedpress.co.uk. Otherwise, book your ticket for ThoughtBubble in Leeds this November, where we expect to be unveiling our new comics!