Last weekend saw Disconnected Press at the amazing ThoughtBubble in Leeds. As far as comic cons go, it’s one of the most interesting and diverse of the lot, with a strong emphasis on independent and small press publications (plus a fair share of superstars and superheroes).

We had a great reception for our two new volumes: Disconnected Vol 2, our second volume of small town stories, and How To Kill Bears, four stories about what happens when life gets in the way and decisions have to be made. Thanks to everyone who came by and bought / flicked through / touched / noticed our books. We hope you liked what you saw!

Great to see so many of our creators there this weekend:

Our odd couple: Matthew Craig and Neil McClements, creators of Pests

Our nasty boys: PM Buchan and Martin Simmonds, creators of All Roads Lead to Hell

Our rocketeers: Alexi Conman and Nadine Ashworth, creators of Plans

Jon Lock, writer of The Remarkably Normal Man

My favourite encounter of the weekend has to be meeting Anna Readman, artist on The Trap in How To Kill Bears. We didn’t profile Anna on the site before ThoughtBubble (sorry!), but she’s a real star of the future. Her artwork drew universal praise, including from David Lloyd of Aces Weekly and, um, V for Vendetta (!) and we’re convinced that this is the beginning of a long and fruitful illustration career.

Did I mention that she’s 15?

It was great to see some of our earlier creators too: Louis Carter from the Lost: Boys team, and Gavin Mitchell, Tom Foster and Richmond Clements from Disconnected Vol 1.

Last but absolutely not least – in fact, I should have started with them: thanks to Jim Campbell and Owen Watts, letterers from heaven, and to the incredible Stuart Gould of UK Comics, who makes ideas for comic books into beautiful printed reality.

Follow the links to find out more about Disconnected Vol 2 and How To Kill Bears. You can order copies from our high tech online shop.

If you want to know more about our previous publications, follow the links for Disconnected Vol 1 and Lost: Boys.

Thanks for stopping by!