Disconnected Press is back from Bristol Comic Expo and in full recovery mode (sofa, tea, toast: repeat for 24 hours before re-engaging with the world). Below you’ll find the story of our weekend, and you’ll also notice above that we’ve launched our new online Shop page embracing the latest in e-commerce technology (ahem)…

To Bristol, and we had a great show: admittedly our only goals were that a) our comics would show up and b) someone, anyone, would buy one. Both goals were achieved before the show started so anything else was pure gravy. Or icing. Or something.

Stuart Gould at UK Comics did us proud on the printing. He has a real understanding of how comics work, what artists value in the way their work is presented, and the touch-feely specialness of good (recycled) paper stock.

Here’s Conor at our table, in front of our stand with logo design by Mike Stock:

It was great to see a bunch of our creators at Bristol: writers Richmond Clements and Rich McAuliffe, artists Stuart Tipples, Gavin Mitchell and Neil McClements, letterer Owen Watts and colourist Kris Carter. They did such a great job for us in Disconnected Vol. 1 and Lost: Boys that it is an absolute pleasure to promote their work.

Here’s Stuart picking up his copy of Disconnected:

And here’s Neil McClements showing off his work in Lost: Boys:

Thanks to everyone who bought our comics; thanks especially to those who bought on Saturday and came back on Sunday to say nice things to us. If you bought a copy, please get in touch to tell us what you liked – and what you didn’t. And if you want to see what all the fuss is about, you can now order Disconnected Vol. 1 and Lost: Boys from our utterly unsophisticated online shop (ahem).

OK. Enough for now. Time for another round of tea and toast. I’ll be blogging about the unofficial story of Bristol, including behind-the-scenes Tales from the Ramada Bar, on the Lizzie Boyle Says blog later.