New from Disconnected Press – and our whereabouts this weekend!

We’re delighted to announce: WE HAVE A NEW COMIC!!

Writer Lizzie Boyle, artist Conor Boyle and letterer Jim Campbell have teamed up once again to bring you the story of Luis Aguado, a Mexican fisherman thrust into the international limelight. Is he a superhero? A magician? A messiah? A freak? Everyone has a theory and everyone wants to know: who or what is Luis Aguado?

Find us at ThoughtBubble in Leeds this weekend or order online by visiting

Speaking of ThoughtBubble

ThoughtBubble Comic Con is taking place on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September in Leeds city centre. The con has moved from its traditional venue and will now be taking over the area around the town hall. You’ll find us in the opulent surroundings of Victoria Hall, at Table 5.

As always, it promises to be a busy weekend and the new venue might make it difficult to find the creators you want to see. With over 400 creators spread across 4 main halls and marquees, make sure you plan ahead! And don’t forget: Victoria Hall, Table 5. Victoria Hall, Table 5….



Frome Comic Con – it’s bigger, it’s better, it’s back!

Sunday 13 August will see the second ever Frome Comic Con. We’re particularly excited as it’s Disconnected Press’ hometown show, and we’ve been doing our bit to bring some great writers, artists, bloggers and publishers to town.

The day centres on the main venue in town, the Cheese and Grain (which played host to the Foo Fighters earlier this year – seriously – here‘s the official video!). Here you’ll find traders, retailers and special guest Dave Prowse

Artist Conor Boyle and writer Lizzie Boyle of Disconnected Press will be in the Creators’ hub at the Black Swan Arts Centre, where we’re delighted to be joined by:

  • Sara Dunkerton and Matt Gibbs – creators of MULP, the finest mouse based adventure comic you will ever read….!
  • Owen Watts – editor of The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel – it’s bold and it’s beautiful and it’s just a little bit bonkers…
  • Vince Hunt – creator of The Red Mask from Mars and Stalkerville, and one of the Awesome Comics Podcast team
  • Gavin Mitchell – artist on Stiffs, The Pride and the fantastic Trolltooth Wars (based on a Steve Jackson Fighting Fantasy book, which you know we love)
  • Emily Owen – podcaster on the Awesome Comics Podcast and creator of Brain Shoodles
  • Dani Abram – illustrator, animator and creator of the incredible Worry Wart. Moving, charming and inspiring all at the same time.
  • Shaun Dobie – creator of Descending Outlands, which contains the words space, heist and adventure in its description so must be awesome!
  • Sam Webster – creator of sci-fi series Unfamiliar Skies (episode 2 coming soon) and one of our old superhero favourites Joe Cape.

Come and find us all in the Long Gallery at Black Swan Arts, 2 Bridge Street, Frome (above SEED) – we’ll be there from 10-4 on Sunday 13 August.

And make sure you see the rest of town too – there will be a Sorting Hat at our favourite pub The Three Swans; assorted Batmobility options; a Star Wars bar; retro gaming at Frome’s New Venue; a ton of cosplay and great coffee at The River House!

Still CROSS?


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Before the last General Election, we published CROSS, a comic anthology full of political satire, humour and a healthy dose of vitriol.

It turns out that another General Election has arrived before we had a chance to start on Volume 2…

So: here it is: CROSS. Exactly the same book we published two years ago!!

Featuring key political figures:

  • Posh shed-dweller David Cameron
  • Trainee journalist George Osborne
  • Surprisingly leadership-py Ed Miliband
  • Not irrelevant any more Nick Clegg
  • And the floater who just won’t flush: Nigel Farage

What you won’t find in CROSS: strong and stable Theresa May, feisty and fabulous Nicola Sturgeon, Jezza, any hint of a thing called Brexit, or even the tiniest mention of The Donald.

Yes! Throw yourself back to the heady days of 2015 – and buy your copy now!

Seriously: why buy a book of satirical comics that’s out of date? Because some shit hasn’t changed. Austerity still has its jaws clamped around us all; food banks get more visitors than food courts; the old still vote while the young get shoved aside; and there may still be something out there to laugh about…

Buy your copy of CROSS now for just £5 plus P&P at

Alternatively, find us at Swansea Comic and Gaming Con on 27 May 2017 –

Disconnected Press – back in the saddle!

You may have noticed radio silence on this blog… but we are very much back!

Conor has been busy over the past few months producing artwork for the awesome re-boot of 70s shark tale Hook Jaw! The five-issue series, written by Si Spurrier and published by Titan Comics, is now out there for the world to see – and it’s well worth a read (yeah, I’m biased, but it is great!). Check your local comic shop or Titan’s website / Comixology for your copies.

Meanwhile, Lizzie has been putting finishing touches to a novel and working on a number of graphic novel scripts. I think they call it “development” in the movies…

However, we are back and hitting the road very soon. We will be at Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention on Saturday 27 May 2017 (Brangwyn Hall, Swansea) – with original artwork and a big pile of comics. We’re always happy to talk to aspiring writers and artists and to review portfolios.

We will also be at ThoughtBubble in Leeds this year – note that the event has come forward in the calendar to September. And we’ll keep you posted about involvement in Frome Comic Con (August) and others as we get more details.

And there is a new Disconnected comic in the offing. Coming this autumn, a one-off story in a genre that is somewhat new for us…

Find us in Kendal this weekend!

Hello one and all!

It’s that time of year again when we head to one of our favourite conventions: the Lakes International Comic Art Fair, aka LICAF.

We’ll be in Kendal, Cumbria for the weekend and you’ll find us upstairs in the Comics Clock Tower, close to the stage (but not quite on it… one day, one day…). We’ll have copies of our choose-your-own-adventure book Secret Gardens, happy horror quadrilogy Sentient Zombie Space Pigs, political satire anthology CROSS, and all sort of other bits and pieces.

Do come and say hello! We’re always happy to talk comics, movies, sport, punctuation (Lizzie) and pencils (Conor).

Frome Comic Con – this Sunday – our hometown show!

We are delighted that the fun and frolics of a comic con are coming to Disconnected’s home town of Frome, Somerset this Sunday.

And in proper Frome style, there will be a LOT of excitement! Take one Star Wars Cantina themed pub, add Time Travel Hill, our take on Diagon Alley (with a sorting hat at the top), and a Big Bang Theory themed coffee house.

That’s not to mention assorted TV and movie folks, a De Lorean, a Batmobile, a TARDIS or two, some Mustangs (because Mustangs), and two cosplay cabaret shows.

And comics!!

Black SwanDisconnnected Press will be at Black Swan Arts in the heart of Frome (pictured, and here’s a map), along with some of our favourite friends: Transformers and Turtles contributor JP Bove, Jess Bradley from The Phoenix, the irrepressible Big Punch Studios, the unique and wonderful Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel, the awesome Sara Dunkerton – artist on house favourite MULP and the wonderful Vince Hunt, he of the Awesome Comics Podcast and Red Mask From Mars. A select gathering of comics loveliness!

We’ll be upstairs at the Black Swan Arts from 11am on Sunday 14 August. Come and say hello to some of the South West’s finest comics writers and artists, snap up some comics and graphic novels, original art and prints, and perhaps some words of advice and insight if you’re a budding artist or writer.

You can find out more about Frome Comic Con at

We’ll see you there!!


Bristol Comic Expo returns – this Saturday!!

We’re delighted to be returning to Bristol Comic Expo on Saturday 6 August at the Doubletree by Hilton (formerly the notorious Ramada!).

Bristol was our first comic con as wannabe creators and – a few years later – our first as Disconnected Press. We launched Disconnected Vol 1 and Lost:Boys back in 2012. In the last four years, we have published 12 (or maybe 13) books, attended numerous other shows, and watched our individual creative careers go from strength to strength. In just the past week, Conor’s latest project was announced at the mummy of all comic cons in San Diego – he’s drawing a reboot of shark-fest Hookjaw, written by the fabulous Si Spurrier and published by Titan Comics!

So it’s great to revisit the city where our comics journey really started and to support the relaunch of Bristol Comic Expo.

Come and find us at the Doubletree by Hilton between 10am and 5pm this coming Saturday, see what we’ve been up to, bring cake and (after 5) share an ale or two in the bar.

Go on, you know you want to…

Find us at Wonderlands: Sunderland, Saturday 28 May


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WonderlandsWe’re thrilled to be returning to Sunderland on Saturday 28 May for the second edition of Wonderlands, a fantastic one-day expo dedicated to graphic novels.

Aside from our good selves, this year’s line-up includes:

  • Hannah Berry, whose Adamtine frankly scared the bejeezus out of both of us
  • Karrie Fransman
  • Mary Talbot (must get my copy of The Red Virgin…)
  • Kate Charlesworth
  • The awesome Dr Mel Gibson
  • Una, whose Becoming Unbecoming is on my shopping list for this trip
  • Suzy Varty
  • Wendy Wood
  • And some guys too!

As well as selling our wares, and buying other people’s, we’ll be contributing on a couple of conference panels this year. Lizzie is part of a panel from 11.30am talking about the perks and the pitfalls of self-publishing, and both Lizzie and Conor will be appearing at 4.30pm to talk about the importance of collaboration in making comics.

Secret GardensWe’ll have copies of our illustrated choose-your-own-adventure Secret Gardens, and Lizzie’s debut graphic novel The Heart Which Makes Us, as well as some of Conor’s books including the award-winning On Dangerous Ground, the story of the Battle of Bannockburn.

I can heartily recommend Wonderlands to you as a great place to spend quality time with some of the best graphic novel creators in the land. The focus on graphic novels means everyone has a bit more time for conversation; none of the rushing around of a 22 page floppy comic. Kick back, relax, get deep into conversation with some great people and enjoy Sunderland, a great city by the sea. Also, go and see the lion inside the Winter Gardens!!

Find out more about Wonderlands at – we’ll see you there!

Forthcoming conventions…


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Hello all!

Just a quick update today on some of our convention plans for this year…

WonderlandsWe’re delighted that we’ll be going back to Wonderlands this year – it’s the show’s second year and it’s well worth a trip to Sunderland for the weekend. Wonderlands focuses on graphic novels and picks up the Lakes / Angouleme approach of considering GNs for their literary and artistic merit as well as for their entertainment value.

Exhibitors last year tended to be GN publishers and retailers, rather than single issue comics, but there was a great mix of indie and larger presses to choose from and your suitcase will be fuller when you leave than when you arrive (we were positioned next to Self Made Hero last year – that was dangerous…!).

Wonderlands is organised by the superhuman Bryan and Mary Talbot and will be held in Sunderland on Saturday 28 May. You can find more details at:

gcc2016_eventbriteheaderAnd we’ll be heading north again at the beginning of July – back to Glasgow Comic Con! Glasgow last year was big, boisterous, colourful and a little bit boozy – a lovely party atmosphere among a huge cohort of new and experienced creators. Well worth a visit if you want to see the rich tapestry of comics of all shapes and sizes that are out there. The Con is in a new venue this year, which I think will bring everyone together under one roof (and hopefully has less of a hill to reach it!). Highly recommended!

The convention is on 2 and 3 July, at the end of a week of comics-related activities. Book your tickets in advance though – I’m pretty sure they sold out last year. You can find out more at:

Watch this space for more convention announcements and details of what we’re planning. In the meantime, don’t forget that you can order any of our comics via our Online Shop and stay in touch via Twitter: @DisconnectedPrs.