This weekend: Sci Fi South West!



Yes, this weekend, we’ll be at Sci Fi South West, and we are very much looking forward to it! Two days of monsters, mayhem, Thunderbirds, Dr Who, droids, androids, and general shenanigans!many-daleksIt is only fitting at this point to remind you that we are currently selling our political satire anthology CROSS, to mention the occurences of robots in said book, and to try and draw some connections between the world of satire and the world of sci fi….

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Politics for sale – in your local comic shop!


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Good news, comics fans! Our political satire anthology CROSS is now for sale at a number of great comics shops, with more to follow.

You can now pick up a copy of CROSS for £10 AND support your local comics retailer at:

Abstract Sprocket – 29 Saint Benedict’s Street, Norwich NR2 4PF

Politics, humour, robots and flying squirrels ahoy at Abstract Sprocket in Norwich, the first time this lovely shop has hosted a Disconnected publication (and the only one of the shops on this list that we haven’t yet visited!).

Area 51 - 230 Gloucester Road, Horfield, Bristol BS7 8NZ

We met Iain and Callum at Area 51 on Saturday and almost didn’t make it out of this real treasure trove of comics, sci fi books, board games, models and memorabilia.

Automattic Comics -17 Pickwick Road, Corsham, Wiltshire SN13 9BQ

Matt at Automattic has been a friend of Disconnected for a while so it’s great to have copies of CROSS in stock with him. (He also had a gorgeous hardback of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean’s Signal to Noise – we couldn’t leave that one behind…)

Komix - The Roundhouse, 25 Church Street, Melksham, Wiltshire SN12 6LS

Britain’s smallest comic shop in the home of Britain’s friendliest comic convention. Komix crams a great selection into a very small space, and it’s also a former gaol. Usually staffed by Brians

Orbital Comics - 8 Great Newport Street, That London, WC2H 7JA

Head to the small press West Wing of Orbital for far too much choice in independent comics. Remember, you’re looking for CROSS, right?

We’ll also have news later in the week about another stockist in London, one in Devon and – we hope – some a bit further north too!

So no more excuses about not trusting internet shopping. Get out there and get your copy of CROSS. With two months to go to the election – only a comic can help!

PS. If we’re not in your area yet, don’t despair – we’ll be selling copies at Birmingham Comics Festival and Edinburgh Comic Con in April, and you can still order online at our trusted Comicsy shop.


Where to find us! Disconnected’s convention diary


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A quick update on our whereabouts – and where you can buy CROSS – in the coming weeks:

London Super Comic Con – 14-15 March, Excel London: we won’t have our own table at Excel this year, but the amazing Verity Glass – aka Anadapta Art – will be selling copies of CROSS at Teaserher table (D130). Verity first featured with us in Disconnected 3, with her jaw-dropping art for The Place The Big Boys Go, written by Owen Johnson. Seriously? You haven’t seen it? Get yourself over to our Comicsy shop right now and order yourself a copy! Verity also features in CROSS, illustrating It’s A Sh*t Life by 2000AD writer Tom Eglington, and is now working for Titan Comics. Go say hello – buy CROSS and ALL HER OTHER ART TOO!

[NB. You will find us at London Super Comic Con, but we’ll be wandering with the masses and enjoying a sherry or two in The Fox, no doubt!)

IMG_4980Edinburgh Comic Con - 11-12 April, Potterow, Edinburgh – we’ll be heading north of the border to Lizzie’s old stomping ground in April for Edinburgh Comic Con.

Delighted to see that Disconnected discovery Tom Foster is a guest – here’s a picture of him enjoying a very fine comic book indeed! From humble but obviously brilliant origins in Disconnected 1, Tom has graduated to drawing regularly for 2000AD, and appears as both writer and artist in CROSS.

I wonder if he’ll still talk to us…

Birmingham Comics Festival – 18 April, Edgbaston Cricket Ground – we’ll be in Brum mid April for the first Birmingham Comics Festival, which promises to be a great day out with an incredible array of guests, exhibitors and general mayhem. You’ll find Disconnected artist Conor Boyle‘s artwork on display in various places – very probably the FutureQuake, Accent UK and Markosia tables as well as ours!

SecurityWe’ll be announcing more convention appearances soon. If you can’t make it to one of the above, you can find CROSS at Orbital Comics in London or order a copy directly from us via our online shop at Comicsy, the UK comics industry’s very lovely and trusted online retail hub.

See y’all soon!

Heading to the Land of the Black Cats (that’s Sunderland to you)!


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This weekend, we’ll be packing up the Disconnected suitcase and heading north. To Sunderland, to be precise, for Sunderland Comic Con.

The con’s on both Saturday and Sunday, at the Seaburn Centre. It’s not in the city centre, but looks very accessible and is by the seaside, which always works for at least one of us! There are some amazing guests listed for this weekend: 2000AD superstars John Wagner and John Higgins, force of nature Bryan Talbot and CROSS creators Mary Talbot and Nigel Auchterlounie among them.

We’ve already featured Mary’s story Preparation for Leadership, but it’s worth reflecting on again. Drawing on the psychohistorical analysis of Nick Duffell, Mary’s story tracks the psychological development (or lack thereof) of some of our political classes. It’s beautifully illustrated by Alwyn Talbot and worth the purchase price of CROSS alone (I would say that, wouldn’t !?). Here, because, I can’t resist this image, are Messrs Cameron and Johnson, just for you:

Dave and Boris by Alwyn TalbotNigel Auchterlounie gave us a wonderful page in CROSS, featuring a great lampoon of Nigel Farage and, yes, satire of Ed Miliband too. We tried with CROSS to be even-handed with our satirical targeting, and Nigel’s willingness to lampoon both right and left mean that he was balance personified. Here’s Mr Farage having a mild panic at the direction of questions in a TV interview….

FarageWe’re very much looking forward to Sunderland Comic Con – come and find us at Table 37 at the Seaburn Centre, from 10am – 5pm on Saturday and 10am – 5pm Sunday. As well as CROSS, we’ll be selling serious tome Sentient Zombie Space Pigs, our small town anthology Disconnected and perhaps a treat or two…

Tweet us @DisconnectedPrs and let us know if you’re coming!

And if you can’t make it, head on over to our Comicsy shop to place your order for one or more of our lovely comic books :-)


Are you watching, Cheltenham?


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Saturday 7 February will see Disconnected Press – and many others – descending on Cheltenham Racecourse for The True Believers Comic Festival.

We’ll have copies of CROSS, our anthology of political satire in comic form, which is going great guns as we head towards the General Election and we decide that sometimes it’s much better for your soul to laugh at politicians than to listen to them…

In honour of our trip to the home of GCHQ – and my discovery of a new Cheltenham related fact about old-school spies Burgess and Maclean –  we turn our attention away from politics and towards the world of surveillance. This makes an appearance in CROSS, courtesy of Owen Michael Johnson and Conor Boyle‘s story Security.

SecurityOwen‘s one of the busiest and most versatile comic writers emerging in the UK today. His work ranges from the surreal, post-punk-pop fest of Raygun Roads (more colours than you have ever seen), to the muted melancholy of Reel Love (a nostalgic trip to the cinema of your childhood). His latest project Beast Wagon is described as “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest with talking animals”…. His story Security, featured in CROSS, is a little less experimental but does point a very precise finger at the fine balance between living in a surveillance society and maintaining our rights to privacy and freedom of expression. It also features a fat arse and a pot plant…

Conor Boyle‘s artwork brings Security to life. Conor turned his hand to matters historic in drawing On Dangerous Ground, the National Trust for Scotland’s graphic novel of the Battle of Bannockburn (see Down the Tubes’ article here). This followed Pirates of the Lost World, and Who On Earth Was Thaddeus Mist?, both from UK publishers and both set in the 19th century, making him very excited to draw anything that has modern technology in it.

You can find Disconnected Press and pick up your copy of CROSS at Table #F13 at The True Believers Comic Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse this Saturday. Conor will be there with some original artwork on display and I’m sure he can be persuaded to do a sketch or two…

If you can’t make it to Cheltenham, follow this handy link to our Comicsy shop, and you can buy your copy there. CROSS features the work of some of the finest established and emerging UK comics talent including Rob Williams, Mary Talbot, David Baillie and Emma Beeby.

Don’t get mad: get CROSS!


When did you last see your vote?


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You know, your vote. You used it a couple of years ago when you voted in your local council elections (well, one in three of you did). More likely, you used it five years ago to help create a very curious coalition (two out of three of you voted that time).CROSSks1

You get to use it again in just over three months’ time. It’s quite useful: it’s the only legitimate way we have of overthrowing a Government if we don’t like it. In the interests of balance, it’s also the only legitimate way of ensuring that a Government you do like stays in power.

Parliament - GlassAnyhoo, the point is this: voter registration has changed. Up until last year, one person per household filled in a form which said who lived there and was eligible to vote.

Now, every individual in the household has to fill in their own form. This has been in the works for a decade, and is a good way of making sure that we don’t miss anyone.

Except the process of change has lost a million voters.

Here at Disconnected Press, we care about votes. Underlying the sarcasm and the venom that populates our political satire anthology CROSS is a core message: use your vote.

In order to use your vote, you need to be registered. So go and dig through that pile of junk mail you’ve been ignoring and make sure you are. Spread the word too, particularly on National Voter Registration Day on February 5th – you can find out more about that at

What you do with your vote is entirely up to you. Just don’t lose it….

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Inside Look: The Coalition of Heaven and Hell by Emma Beeby and Gavin Mitchell


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Sometimes the political sphere creates strange bedfellows.

Imagine a party that was committed to free university education, non-renewal of Trident, tackling climate change, proportional representation and replacing the House of Lords. Then pop them in a coalition with a party that felt, well, somewhat differently. And see what happens?

If it wasn’t a country they were running, it’d be a sitcom. (In fact, stop reading this now, and go and watch Series 4 of The Thick of It.)

Anyhoo, the point of all this, dear reader, is to draw attention to another strange coalition, that crafted by Emma Beeby and Gavin Mitchell for our satirical anthology CROSS. Emma’s concept – The Coalition of Heaven and Hell – was brilliantly realised in Gavin’s art: here’s an example:

HeavenSometimes you get a script and you laugh out loud. The Prayer Line was one of those moments…

You can read the rest of The Coalition of Heaven and Hell in CROSS – available now at our Comicsy store:

Emma Beeby’s latest graphic novel Robbie Burns: Witch Hunter is available from Renegade Arts Entertainment and your friendly local comic store.

Gavin Mitchell’s art is featured in Disconnected Vol 1 (virtually sold out but there is a single print copy in Orbital Comics in London!), and in Stiffs and Santa Claus vs The Nazis. His blog is at

Inside Look: Money Bucket Head by Rob Williams and PJ Holden


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Today marks the launch of campaigning for the 2015 General Election. 121 days to go! 121 days of photo opportunities, baby kissing, gaffes, apologies, hirings, firings, outlandish commitments, fragile promises and – we hope – some very fine satire and sarcasm from the nations writers and cartoonists to pull the rug out from under the whole thing. As campaigning starts, we wondered: what makes a person decide to go into politics?

Someone asked Benjamin Disraeil (who he?) why people became Member of Parliament?

“We come here for fame,” he replied.

Now I’m not sure if that still holds true. There are easier ways to become (in)famous these days. Irritatingly catchy, Youtube-sensation pop songs. Daytime television. Inappropriate fancy dress. The possibilities are endless….

So it must be something else that draws people into politics and into Parliament. This is the theme for MoneyBucketHead, Rob Williams and PJ Holden‘s story of Tim, a young man of principle who follows his dreams… MBH MoneyBucketHead features in CROSS, an anthology of political satire which aims to make people sit up and think – then get up and vote – in this year’s election. Featuring work by some of the UK’s finest writers and artists, including Mary Talbot, David Baillie, Howard Hardiman and BRICK, CROSS takes aim at all sides of the political divide in 64 pages of anger, humour and the occasional robot.

Back to why people want to become MPs: here’s a great article from Prospect Magazine, a thought provoking defence from a Labour MP,  and in the interests of balance, a feature about becoming a Tory MP.

If becoming an MP is a bit much, then why not start by reading our comic :-) You can order your copy of CROSS at for just £10 plus P&P.

Thanks for reading!

Inside Look: Preparation for Leadership by Mary Talbot and Alwyn Talbot


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Time to share some pages from the inside of CROSS, our new comic anthology of politics, humour and trying to change the world (just a little bit).

Here’s the opening salvo from Mary Talbot‘s story Preparation for Leadership, drawn by Alwyn Talbot.

PrepWant to know what follows?

You can order a copy of CROSS over at our Comicsy shop – it’s £10 plus P&P. That gets you 64 pages of politics, humour, great artwork, fantastic storytelling, some thought-provoking prose and some of the best caricatures you’ll see this year.

Today’s factoid, as I look at pictures of posh boys going to school: 33% of MPs were privately educated, compared to 7% of the general population. If you want the party lines, 59% of Labour MPs went to a comprehensive school, compared to 30% of Lib Dems and just 26% of Conservatives.

Does this matter? Shouldn’t we be electing those who are best able to represent our interests, irrespective of personal or educational background? Isn’t it possible for someone to go to public school and come out the other side with a strong social and moral conscience and a liberal (small l) view of the world? Discuss.

CROSS: in all its glory!


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IMG_4979Here it is: the “grand” unveiling of CROSS, our brand new comic anthology of politics, satire, squirrels, guardian angels and a selection of rather nasty horsemen…

The book was incredibly well-received at ThoughtBubble Comic Con in Leeds last weekend. It seems we struck a chord with many people: those who were pleased to see comics taking direct aim at the powerful; those who supported the aim of the book to engage people with the social and political changes around them; and those who like to laugh at the world as they change it.

Post- ThoughtBubble, Lizzie had great fun speaking at Laydeez Do Comics Leeds (thanks, Lou, for the invitation), and really seeing a grass-roots response to CROSS.

We also made contact with two community organisations in Leeds, both working with young and disenfranchised people on a range of issues, and we’re going to share stories from CROSS with them as a way of sparking debate and building participation in local and community issues. WIN!

So what’s it all about? Why not read more about CROSS?

Or, if you’re ready to read a book of political comics and commentary featuring work from 2000AD’s Rob Williams, Emma Beeby and David Baillie, award winning graphic novelist Mary Talbot, British Comic Award nominee Owen Michael Johnson, and many many more, just head over to our online shop on Comicsy and order your copy now!

By way of enticement, here’s a page from The Archaeology Inspector, by David Baillie and artist SPINX, featuring the future of food banks, aka George Osborne’s Kindness Cafes:

Kindness CafeAnd here’s a little something from Emma Beeby and Gavin Mitchell‘s tale The Coalition of Heaven and Hell, featuring an unexpected call centre:

HeavenFor more such shenanigans, spoofs and silliness – as well as a couple of serious messages – order your copy of CROSS for just £10 plus postage at


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