Sentient Zombie Space Pigs: the whole hog!

They’re back. And this time it’s porcine-al…

OK, enough of that. Yes, it’s the news that you have all been waiting for. We are delighted to announce that we will be launching Sentient Zombie Space Pigs Issues 3 AND 4 at ThoughtBubble 2015 this weekend.

Yes, it’s a double issue launch, with issues 3 and 4 bringing the saga of Jenny and Carl Hipstickle, Agent Fuller of the FBI, gap-toothed twins Lloyd and Floyd and some very angry pigs to its dramatic conclusion…

You can find us at ThoughtBubble in Leeds this weekend – we’re in the Marquee on Table 94 – at the end of a row, close to such luminaries as Rob Williams, Laurence Campbell, Chris Weston and Ben Templesmith, all of whom are no doubt kicking themselves for not pioneering the farmyard apocalypse genre….

By way of a teaser, here are two pages from Issue 1 answering your first question: how do you create a sentient zombie space pig?


Come and find us at ThoughtBubble this weekend.

If you’re not going to be there, you can order Sentient Zombie Space Pigs from our online Comicsy shop.

Each issue costs just £1 – to avoid lots of tiny transactions, we can only offer bundles of two or four comics from the Comicsy shop (we have to add P&P too).

If you want a combination that isn’t available there, please email

Welcome to the end of the Aporkalypse…


Kendal, here we come!


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Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we’ll be hitting the road and heading for Kendal in the Lake District. The reason: the Lakes International Comic Art Fair!

This will be our third trip to Kendal and it’s a genuine highlight of the convention calendar.

Two reasons:

Firstly, comics really do take over the town. Shop windows are themed, hotel receptionists don superhero garb, the Brewery Arts Centre covers its walls with amazing original comic art and – most importantly – Ruskin’s Bar gets its comic theme on. We had a Viz Bar a couple of years ago, and the Bat Cave last year. This year, it appears the place’ll be dead.

Here’s a typical Kendal estate agent (with some subliminal pasty advertising for good measure):

estate agentSecondly, comics are taken seriously. Now, don’t get me wrong, the Lakes Con is a lot of FUN. But it also uses its panel programme to talk about comics in a smart and edifying way and not just as an opportunity for people to puff their latest spin-off or movie tie-in. You’ll see what I mean here.

It’s a long way to go but we always get a great welcome. We’re hoping to give something back this year, with the launch of our new book Secret Gardens. In case you haven’t read all about it, a reminder: four stories in one book, Secret Gardens is a choose your own adventure, set in the grounds of the Lakes’ own Lowther Castle.

Here’s the cover to look out for as you wander around the Comics Clock Tower in Kendal this weekend:

Secret GardensWe’ll see you in Kendal!!

Writing a choose-your-own-adventure: or “how to make life complicated”


Secret GardensOur new book Secret Gardens launches at the Lakes International Comic Art Fair this weekend. It’s part-comic, part-illustrated story book, for all ages, and it’s a choose-your-own-adventure.

The idea to produce a choose-your-own-adventure came when we met with Anna Saczek at Lowther Castle, the setting for Secret Gardens. She was keen that we explore the landscape of Lowther, looking at the amazing gardens through different lenses and finding new histories and mysteries there. We were also inspired by Knight and Dragon, published by Improper Books, a comic book choose-your-own-adventure which reminded us of how much we used to love reading them when we were younger.

Let’s get to the complicated bit: Continue reading

Secret Gardens: coming soon from Disconnected Press!


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We’re delighted that we’ll be launching our new book Secret Gardens at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival (Kendal, 16-18 October).

Secret Gardens is a choose-your-own-adventure book, blending comics, illustrations and you being in control of your own destiny!

Secret GardensHandily for those coming to the Lakes Festival, Lowther Castle is just up the M6 from Kendal, close to Penrith. It’s a beautiful place, and a long-term favourite of Disconnected’s. History, atmosphere, incredible landscapes and some things that – so far – only we have seen….


There are four adventures in one, all set in the magical landscape of Lowther Castle in the Lake District.

CastleWe’ll be blogging about Secret Gardens over the next few weeks, giving you more insight into the history and mystery of Lowther Castle, the complicated process of creating a four-stories-in-one choose-your-own-adventure book (grey hairs, grey hairs!) and some more little snippets like this:

SoldiersIf you’re already hooked, you can pre-order a copy of Secret Gardens for just £5 plus P&P by emailing

We’ll have more details about availability in the next couple of weeks, but we’ll definitely be in the Comics Clock Tower at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival on 16-18 October!


Latest from Disconnected Towers

Summer greetings from Disconnected HQ. We thought it was time for a wee update on our forthcoming convention plans and a teaser or two about the new comics we’ll be publishing later this year.

mcclogomediumFirstly, a plug for a comic con that we sadly can’t attend this year: Melksham. You’ve probably never heard of Melksham but it’s a great little town in Wiltshire, between Bath and Swindon, and it has the Finest Comic Convention of the Year. Trust us! We’ve been each year and seen the show grow from one day to two, taking in more of the town each time and always with a great line-up of guests, a wonderful atmosphere and some of the nicest volunteers and visitors that we’ve ever met. Melksham Comic Con is on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 August at the Assembly Hall – you can buy tickets in advance at

On to cons that we’ll actually be attending:

StairwayOctober will see us returning to Kendal for the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival. We’ve talked before about this one as it’s a firm favourite. The Con really takes over the town, usually theming at least one pub, with workshops and talks in bookshops and cafes and some stellar guests. We’ll be launching a new book at this year’s Lakes show – something a little different from Disconnected and something that we’re VERY EXCITED to be producing. I can’t tell you any more just yet but here’s something from the book from artist Conor Boyle. We’ll be posting more soon!

You can track us down at LICAF in the Clock Tower in Kendal on 17 and 18 October. You can also find the full programme for the festival at (56 pages!!!).

Last but not least, we can confirm that we’ll be at ThoughtBubble again this year (14/15 November, Royal Armouries, Leeds). We’ll be in the Marquee with some lovely people (have a look at some of our co-Marquee-dwellers here). ThoughtBubble is the mummy of conventions, particularly if you’re interested in independent comics: it’s absolutely kid-in-sweet-shop-tastic. And we’ll have a little something for you at ThoughtBubble too – something that many of you have been waiting for…. Yes, more eagerly awaited than the new Star Wars, it’s the return of the Sentient Zombie Space Pigs….

LunchAs always, you can keep an eye on what we’re up to on the @DisconnectedPrs Twitter feed, which will get busier as the cons get closer. And you can pick up copies of our books at or by dropping us an email to

Happy travels!!

CROSS: now reduced to just £5

CoverPost-election and with cuts abounding from George Osborne’s Summer Budget (tax cuts if your estate is worth more than £1m; benefit cuts if you’ve got bugger all), we’ve decided to reduce the cost of political satire anthology CROSS to £5.

CROSS was compiled before the last election and features work from creators including Rob Williams, Mary Talbot, SICBA award winner Emma Beeby, Vertigo writer David Baillie and many many more. It was our rallying call to encourage people to engage with politics; the message remains but the specifics (voting) are now a little past their sell by date (the appearances of Messrs Clegg, Miliband and Farage show that some things have changed since May).

Anyhoo, if you would like 64 pages of poking sticks at the establishment, featuring some fantastic artwork and great storytelling, simply pop on over to our Comicsy shop and order your copy!

All the best!

Next stop: Glasgow Comic Con!

We’re delighted to tell you that we will be at Glasgow Comic Con on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 July!!

This will be our first trip to Glasgow Con – track record suggests it’ll be a really lively event with a great line-up of guests and some exciting small press and indie comics to pick up too. This year’s guests include Emma Beeby (CROSS, 2000AD), Karrie Fransman, Tanya Roberts, John Wagner, John Higgins and some chap called Mark Millar…

In our cupboard of books this time: we will have some copies of On Dangerous Ground, published by the National Trust for Scotland and featuring artwork by Conor Boyle. It’s a graphic novel of the Battle of Bannockburn and it’s a rip-roaring read. AND it has pages in 3D!!

We’ll also have copies of political anthology CROSS, the inimitable Sentient Zombie Space Pigs and our most recent “small town weirdness” anthology Disconnected 3.

So come and find us…. On Saturday, we’ll be at the Renfield (the cosplay hub) and on Sunday we’ll be in the Art School. Tweet us @DisconnectedPrs if you can’t find us!!

GCC Guests

We’re off to Wonderlands! And someone’s got a new comic out!

wonderlandsWe’re back on the convention trail at the end of this month, going to the first ever Wonderlands Graphic Novel Expo.

Wonderlands takes place on Saturday 30 May (10am – 8pm) at the CitySpace at the University of Sunderland. And it’s free. And it’s going to be awesome!!!

Want proof? Well, aside from the fact that we’ll be there, Wonderlands also features some people you may know: Continue reading

Why 7 May is the start and not the end


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CoverWe’ve been writing about politics for six months now (thanks for sticking with us), in part to promote CROSS, but also because we’re real advocates of thinking about and participating in elections and politics more generally.

With the election just one day away, it seemed time for some final thoughts. So here we go: Continue reading