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Before the last General Election, we published CROSS, a comic anthology full of political satire, humour and a healthy dose of vitriol.

It turns out that another General Election has arrived before we had a chance to start on Volume 2…

So: here it is: CROSS. Exactly the same book we published two years ago!!

Featuring key political figures:

  • Posh shed-dweller David Cameron
  • Trainee journalist George Osborne
  • Surprisingly leadership-py Ed Miliband
  • Not irrelevant any more Nick Clegg
  • And the floater who just won’t flush: Nigel Farage

What you won’t find in CROSS: strong and stable Theresa May, feisty and fabulous Nicola Sturgeon, Jezza, any hint of a thing called Brexit, or even the tiniest mention of The Donald.

Yes! Throw yourself back to the heady days of 2015 – and buy your copy now!

Seriously: why buy a book of satirical comics that’s out of date? Because some shit hasn’t changed. Austerity still has its jaws clamped around us all; food banks get more visitors than food courts; the old still vote while the young get shoved aside; and there may still be something out there to laugh about…

Buy your copy of CROSS now for just £5 plus P&P at http://www.comicsy.co.uk/disconnectedpress/store/products/cross-a-political-satire-anthology-2/

Alternatively, find us at Swansea Comic and Gaming Con on 27 May 2017 – http://scgcon.blogspot.co.uk/