Disconnected Press had a nice weekend out at London Film and Comic Con a few days ago. Great to see some old familiar faces and to meet some lovely new ones. Thanks to everyone who came by and showed an interest in what we’re doing. We are now running seriously low on stock of Disconnected Vol. 1 and Lost: Boys, so if you want to order from our high-tech whizzy online SHOP, do it NOW!

We thought we’d use this blog to introduce you to some of the new folks we met at the Con, in particular:

Orful Comics – Rob Cureton of Orful Comics was our neighbour for two days and drinking buddy for two quite restrained evenings. Rob has more passion for comics than any man rightly should; you can find out what he does at http://www.orfulcomics.co.uk/. The moment I finish this blog post, I’ll be reading his Scene City Vol. 1 – Impossibly Emo, set in a city segregated by music.

Along the way from us was the amazing Sarah Jones. Her comics and illustrations seem to be made from ink and tears and are devastatingly beautiful. Here’s one to prove the point:

You can see more of her work at www.girlintherain.net/work.html. Buy The Dollmaker from her Etsy shop too – there’s a preview on her website but we recommend you buy the whole thing!

Other near neighbours at the weekend were Michael Georgiou, the brains behind Elemental Micah, a very unlikely superhero; Jeremy Biggs of Subversive Comics who was previewing a new tale about a zombie bear (what’s not to like?); and the mercurial Claude of Gronk Comics, whose sketchbook had us snorting our beer with laughter on Friday night.  This is the sort of thing he does and this (which I love).

Lovely as always to see colourist to the stars JP Bove and to meet the caffeinated timebomb that is Huw-J.

Next stop for Disconnected Press: MegaCon Carlisle on Saturday 18th August!