How To Kill Bears

How To Kill Bears is an anthology of four short comics, brought to you by Disconnected Press.

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Sometimes it spirals away from you. That’s the moment when you have to step up and decide to take control.

The thing with decisions is this: it’s only after you’ve made them that you find out if you were right or wrong.

How to Kill Bears tells the stories of four people who decide to take control. Each of the stories in this anthology was written by Lizzie Boyle. To bring them to life, we selected a group of up-and-coming comic artists who we felt deserved a wider audience for their work.

How To Kill Bears will be launched on Saturday 17th November at ThoughtBubble in Leeds. Find us at Table 11 in New Dock Hall to pick up your copy, or visit our online shop. How To Kill Bears costs £2.00 plus P&P.

How To Kill Bears was created by:

Lizzie Boyle is a writer of comics and fiction. She produced Lost: Boys for Disconnected Press in May 2012 and has been published in Hallowscream, Dr WTF!? and Disconnected Issues 1 and 2. She will soon be featured in FutureQuake’s Something Wicked and the Dead Roots anthology. Her short fiction was published in the Bristol Short Story Prize anthology in July 2012, and she has been shortlisted for the Fish Publishing Short Story Prize, the Frome Short Story Competition and the Flash500 Flash Fiction Competition. Lizzie’s writing blog is at

As well as writing the stories in How to Kill Bears, Lizzie illustrated Stand Still. She’d always appreciated comic artists and now she appreciates them even more.

Bettina Fung grew up in Hong Kong and was heavily inspired by manga and Japanese animation. She is a computer animator, film-maker, storyboard artist, fine artist and sculptor, as well as a talented and emerging comics artist. She contributed to the Cock No. 7 art collective fanzine, which featured in the Tate Britain’s Rude Britannia: British Comic Art exhibition. She has self-published two of her own comics: a version of Little Red Riding Hood and A Little Book To Help You When You Can’t Stop Vomitting. You can see more of her artwork at

Anna Readman was inspired to start drawing comics by reading Batman Legends when she was seven years old. Under the Anna Studios Inc. imprint, she has published a number of comics including Leo’s Adventures and The Meow Street Cats. Inspired by tea, radio, Sean Murphy and Brian Wood, she would like one day to draw Hellblazer. And Batman. Anna is 15 years old and The Trap is her first published comic. Visit her Deviant Art page at

Bekah Withers is a first year music student at Southampton University, who has been inspired to draw comics since she was bought her first manga books and Marvel comics at the age of ten. Bekah has a fondness for the dark and twisted to go with her talent as an illustrator. The Shotgun is her first published comic. You can find more of Bekah’s work at

You can order How To Kill Bears from our online shop or by emailing

Price £2.00 plus P&P (US $3.10 plus postage).

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