Do Aliens Play Basketball?

The great questions of the universe have taxed the finest brains through the ages:

  • How did it all begin?
  • How will it all end?
  • Will we ever go to Mars?
  • And, most important of all: do aliens play basketball?

DAPB page1Join Eddie Flynn as he searches for answers in the latest comic from Disconnected Press. Explore the mysteries of science and space, the origins and destiny of the universe and whether, just maybe, there’s something else out there…..

Sometimes the questions that we ask mask the things that we really want to know.

Do Aliens Play Basketball? is a standalone comic story, written by Lizzie Boyle and illustrated by Vashti Hallissey.

Lizzie Boyle is a writer of comics and fiction. She produced Lost: Boys and How To Kill Bears for Disconnected Press and has contributed stories to the three Disconnected anthologies. She wrote Sentient Zombie Space Pigs and has also been published in Dead Roots, The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel and FutureQuake’s Something Wicked. Her short fiction was published in the Bristol Short Story Prize anthology in 2012. She writes a regular column for Pipedream Comics and is currently contributing to Elephant Words.


Twitter: @lizzieboylesays

Vashti Hallissey began creating comics in January 2012. Her blog – Picture This – started with a story about a pebble on the run and is inspired by the humorous side of everyday life. In 2012, Vashti had an exhibition at The Future Laboratory, for which she decorated a space with chalk-drawn stories and created an animated film. She is currently creating cartoons for writer James Wallman (Stuffocation) as well as working on comics of of her own. Since February, 2013, she has been travelling around South America while freelancing as a writer and cartoonist.


Twitter: @VashtiHallissey

You can order Do Aliens Play Basketball? from our online shop or by emailing

Price £2.00 plus P&P (US $3.00 plus postage).

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