Disconnected, Vol. 3

Disconnected Vol 3 was launched at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival in October 2013. We were delighted by the reception it received and, once again, to have worked with so many great creators, bringing to life visions of the weird and wonderful things that can only happen in small towns.

Disconnected 3 Cover ImageYou can order your copy of Disconnected, Vol. 3 from our Comicsy shop for just £5.00 plus P&P.

Disconnected Vol 3 features:

Jordan Sam Adams is a writer, filmmaker and musician. His stories have featured in the British Showcase Comic and The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel. He was part of a small team that was nominated for a Bridport Film Award in 2012, and has written for TV shows that featured at Cannes. A pilot episode is currently being filmed for a series exploring life after the bomb in ’50s America. Twitter: @JordanSamAdams

Conor Boyle’s debut graphic novel Who On Earth Was Thaddeus Mist? was published by Accent UK in 2012, with his second, Pirates of the Lost World coming out from Markosia in November 2013. He drew Dark Judgements 1 and 2 for FutureQuake Press and Sentient Zombie Space Pigs for Disconnected Press, and has contributed to Tales of the Fallen, The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel and Dead Roots. He is currently working on the official graphic novel to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn. Web: pencilmonkeymagic.blogspot.co.uk Twitter: @pencil_monkey

Lizzie Boyle is a writer of comics and fiction. She produced Lost: Boys and How To Kill Bears for Disconnected Press and is working on Do Aliens Play Basketball? which will be launched in November 2013. She wrote Sentient Zombie Space Pigs and has also been published in Dead Roots, The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel and FutureQuake’s Something Wicked. Her short fiction was published in the Bristol Short Story Prize anthology in 2012. Web: lizzieboylesays.wordpress.com Twitter: @lizzieboylesays

Jim Campbell is a professional comic book letterer who has worked with Classical Comics, Dark Horse, Image, Markosia and many others. He knows more about lettering than any man should. Without him, we would live in a world of Comic Sans and crossbar i’s and all be a great deal worse off. Web: clintflickerlettering.blogspot.co.uk Twitter: @CampbellLetters

Max Deacon is a Creative Writing graduate who writes comics and prose, and who is currently completing a gothic horror novel. His story Oils, or The Mistress’ Tale was featured in Who On Earth Was Thaddeus Mist?, published by Accent UK in 2012, and his short comic works have also featured in Accent anthologies. Twitter: @_Max_Deacon

Mike Garley is a writer of comics, games, screenplays and other such cool stuff. He has written for award-winning production company beActive Media, comic and book publisher Titan Publishing, and game developers Wickedy Splits and Masters of Pie. His is editor-in-chief of VS Comics and the Dead Roots comic anthology. Web: www.mikegarley.com. Twitter: @MikeGarley

Artist Verity Glass has self-published four short comics which she categorises as the weird experimental one, the etiquette guide full of bad advice, the biography of a nine year old and a fairytale in the Grimm sense of the word. Her work has been featured in a Doctor Who zine at Comicon France. She is currently illustrating a book of monster love poems written by Anna Savoury and working on a graphic novel. Web: www.anadapta-art.com Twitter: @Ana_Dapta

Owen Michael Johnson is the writer and editor behind the graphic novel Who On Earth Was Thaddeus Mist? (Accent UK) and has written for a range of comic anthologies. His latest project – Raygun Roads – is an underground mixed-media collaboration fusing punk music and comics. He was proud to be one of the many organisers of The Lakes International Comic Art Festival. Web: creatingmonsters.blogspot.com Twitter: @Owen_Johnson

Cover artist Kev Levell is a freelance illustrator, comic artist and designer based in Cambridge. He is currently illustrating Banned Across the Universe for ROK Comics and has illustrated two series of children’s books for Cambridge University Press. Web: kevlev.blogspot.co.uk Twitter: @kevlevell

Artist Aaron Moran has been building a growing reputation within the UK indie comics scene. He is currently working with Lizzie Boyle on The Heart Which Makes Us, a story for the Unseen Shadows universe. He has worked extensively with writer Cy Dethan, including for a story published in Overload, and is currently working on a graphic novella. Web: http://aaronmoranart.wix.com/aaron-moran Twitter: _Aaron_Moran_

Peter Mason is an artist and colorist who has produced covers for Unseen Shadows, colours for Cancertown 2 (Markosia) and artwork for Accent UK anthologies. He has produced webcomics including Thonk!, A Dreams Story, and Block of the Dead. Web: http://unicomics.tumblr.com/ Twitter: @UNiCOMICS

Lyndon White studied Illustration for Graphic Novels at University and is establishing himself as a distinctive visual talent within the independent comics sector. He has self-published two comics: Where Were You and Pinnacle. He is currently working on a third comic entitled Cosmic Fish, with writer Rudra Purkayastha. Web: www.lyndonwhite.com Twitter: @lyndondraws

To order your copy of Disconnected, Vol. 3, visit our Comicsy shop.


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