Disconnected, Vol. 2

Following the success of Disconnected Vol. 1, we issued our challenge to a new set of UK comics writers and artists: tell us the small town stories that don’t make the big city press, tales of everyday people doing extraordinary things.

Disconnected Vol. 2 was launched in November 2012. After two sold-out print runs, we are now issuing a digital version for download. Watch this space and our Comicsy store to find out more.

Disconnected Vol. 2 features:

Nathan Ashworth is an artist and colourist who created the TAG web comic. He is currently working as a colourist with the Halcyon and Tenderfoot team, and featured as both artist and colourist in the forthcoming Dead Roots anthology, edited by Mike Garley.

Conor Boyle‘s debut graphic novel Who On Earth Was Thaddeus Mist? was published by Accent UK in November 2012; his second, Pirates of the Lost World, will be published by Markosia in 2013. He was part of the artistic team for Barry Nugent’s Tales of the Fallen, drew Dark Judgements 1 and 2 for FutureQuake Press, and has contributed to Disconnected, Vol 1, Dr WTF!? and Dead Roots.

Lizzie Boyle is a writer of comics and fiction. She produced Lost: Boys for Disconnected Press in May 2012 and has also been published in FutureQuake’s Something Wicked, Hallowscream, Dr WTF!? and Disconnected, Vol 1. Her short fiction was published in the Bristol Short Story Prize anthology in July 2012, and she has been shortlisted for the Fish Publishing Short Story Prize, the Frome Short Story Competition and the Flash500 Flash Fiction Competition.

PM Buchan is a one-man comics industry, producing monthly strips for Starburst Magazine, the comic anthology Blackout, a four-part Gothic horror series called La Belle Dame Sans Merci and columns for Starbust and INFINITY magazines. A writer with a true horror sensibility, his first work was the misleadingly titled Everything Is Going to Be Alright. Never happier than when pages feature death, misadventure, booze, necrophilia, cannibalism or suicide.

Jim Campbell is a professional comic book letterer who has worked with Classical Comics, Dark Horse, Image, Markosia and many others. He knows more about lettering than any man should. Without him, we would live in a world of Comic Sans and crossbar i’s and all be a great deal worse off.

Alexi Conman has contributed to numerous anthologies, including Into The Woods, a fairytale anthology from Aye Saw Comics, and Bayou Arcana, Markosia’s gothic horror swamp anthology. His short scripts have also been published by Accent UK and FutureQuake. He is one of the organisers of the Canny Comic Con, Newcastle’s own comic convention.

Matthew Craig has produced some of the most original small press comics of the past few years, including Trouble Bruin, Trixie Biker and the assorted canine adventures of Hondle. He was featured in Markosia’s Bayou Arcana and contributes to Bostin Heroes, a Midlands based superhero serial. He likes tea, notebooks and neuroses.

Sarah Jones is an illustrator, storyboard artist and character designer based in London. Her love of comics has led her to self-publish The Edge, in collaboration with writer Ben Cook, and The Doll Maker, Plain Jane, Lolita Lessons and Tipping Points, all of which examine the idea of transformation. She is drawn to the beauty in the dark and decaying.

Jon Lock is the creator of Afterlife, Inc., which can be read in instalments online or in two collected editions (the second of which will launch at ThoughtBubble 2012). He has recently written a crossover between Afterlife Inc. and Nich Angell’s 7STRING, and has contributed two chapters to the Harvey Award-nominated anthology The Uniques Tales.

Neil McClements featured in Lost: Boys, published by Disconnected Press in May 2012. This followed an appearance in Owen WattsDr WTF!? Since then, he has produced strips for FutureQuake, Paragon and Abandoned Comics, and will be contributing to The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel in early 2013.

Martin Simmonds has recently completed work on two projects: the Dead Roots zombie anthology and a short piece for Starburst magazine. He is currently working on an issue of the Tales of Discord series, published by Markosia, and is the series artist on Eponymous, featured in Vs Comics and launching at ThoughtBubble 2012.

Cover artist Matthew Soffe is a comic artist and illustrator best known for his work as a colourist. He is currently colouring graphic novels for Accent UK and ROK Comics. His artwork has been featured by FutureQuake, Paragon, Murky Depths and Starscape.

Keep an eye on our Comicsy store for a digital download version of Disconnected Vol. 2.

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