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WonderlandsWe’re thrilled to be returning to Sunderland on Saturday 28 May for the second edition of Wonderlands, a fantastic one-day expo dedicated to graphic novels.

Aside from our good selves, this year’s line-up includes:

  • Hannah Berry, whose Adamtine frankly scared the bejeezus out of both of us
  • Karrie Fransman
  • Mary Talbot (must get my copy of The Red Virgin…)
  • Kate Charlesworth
  • The awesome Dr Mel Gibson
  • Una, whose Becoming Unbecoming is on my shopping list for this trip
  • Suzy Varty
  • Wendy Wood
  • And some guys too!

As well as selling our wares, and buying other people’s, we’ll be contributing on a couple of conference panels this year. Lizzie is part of a panel from 11.30am talking about the perks and the pitfalls of self-publishing, and both Lizzie and Conor will be appearing at 4.30pm to talk about the importance of collaboration in making comics.

Secret GardensWe’ll have copies of our illustrated choose-your-own-adventure Secret Gardens, and Lizzie’s debut graphic novel The Heart Which Makes Us, as well as some of Conor’s books including the award-winning On Dangerous Ground, the story of the Battle of Bannockburn.

I can heartily recommend Wonderlands to you as a great place to spend quality time with some of the best graphic novel creators in the land. The focus on graphic novels means everyone has a bit more time for conversation; none of the rushing around of a 22 page floppy comic. Kick back, relax, get deep into conversation with some great people and enjoy Sunderland, a great city by the sea. Also, go and see the lion inside the Winter Gardens!!

Find out more about Wonderlands at www.wonderlands.org.uk – we’ll see you there!