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Hello all!

Just a quick update today on some of our convention plans for this year…

WonderlandsWe’re delighted that we’ll be going back to Wonderlands this year – it’s the show’s second year and it’s well worth a trip to Sunderland for the weekend. Wonderlands focuses on graphic novels and picks up the Lakes / Angouleme approach of considering GNs for their literary and artistic merit as well as for their entertainment value.

Exhibitors last year tended to be GN publishers and retailers, rather than single issue comics, but there was a great mix of indie and larger presses to choose from and your suitcase will be fuller when you leave than when you arrive (we were positioned next to Self Made Hero last year – that was dangerous…!).

Wonderlands is organised by the superhuman Bryan and Mary Talbot and will be held in Sunderland on Saturday 28 May. You can find more details at: http://www.wonderlands.org.uk/

gcc2016_eventbriteheaderAnd we’ll be heading north again at the beginning of July – back to Glasgow Comic Con! Glasgow last year was big, boisterous, colourful and a little bit boozy – a lovely party atmosphere among a huge cohort of new and experienced creators. Well worth a visit if you want to see the rich tapestry of comics of all shapes and sizes that are out there. The Con is in a new venue this year, which I think will bring everyone together under one roof (and hopefully has less of a hill to reach it!). Highly recommended!

The convention is on 2 and 3 July, at the end of a week of comics-related activities. Book your tickets in advance though – I’m pretty sure they sold out last year. You can find out more at: http://glasgowcomiccon.com/

Watch this space for more convention announcements and details of what we’re planning. In the meantime, don’t forget that you can order any of our comics via our Online Shop and stay in touch via Twitter: @DisconnectedPrs.