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Disconnected Press is really made up of the (limited) brains and (boundless) enthusiasm of two people: artist Conor Boyle and writer Lizzie Boyle (that’s me).

Over the past four years, we have published no fewer than 12 books as Disconnected Press: four issues of Sentient Zombie Space Pigs, three Disconnected anthologies, the twin books Lost: Boys and How To Kill Bears, political anthology CROSS, choose-your-own-adventure Secret Gardens and space-trivia-weepfest Do Aliens Play Basketball?


Not content with that, we’re also busy creators in our own rights and this felt like a good time to mention some of the work we have done independently:

Reddin (Dead Canary Comics): a dark and twisted Western graphic novel, illustrated by Conor, and produced by the fantastic Dead Canary Comics. It’s moody, it’s evil, it’s got cowboys and it’s got demons.

It’s also got some great reviews. SlackJawPunks said it’s a “delightfully bizarre mix of old-school western, supernatural thriller, and existential crisis all wrapped up in one neat little package”.

Big Comic Page meanwhile said: “Conor Boyle’s artwork is special, especially during the more horrific parts in which it becomes quite unsettling – I mean that as a compliment. There are images in Reddin that will stick with you, and send a shiver down your spine if you think about them for too long.”

If Reddin sounds like your sort of thing, you can find out more – and see some images – at: http://www.deadcanarycomics.com/product/reddin/

The Heart Which Makes Us (Unseen Shadows): a tense psychological crime drama, written by Lizzie, and published as a graphic novel as part of the Unseen Shadows universe. Investigator Kathryn Monroe starts a new job at major crimes agency TORCH. A suspect is interviewed in a child abduction case. A series of terror attacks strike London. Kathryn follows the trail… Described as “Sherlock meets Spooks by way of Broadchurch“, this twisted world is brought to life by stunning artwork from Aaron Moran.

Read more and order your copy at http://unseenshadows.com/comics/the-heart-which-makes-us/

UnEarth (Big Cartel): a one-shot written by John-Paul Bove and drawn by Conor Boyle, following the journey of a group of archaeologists into a dormant volcano.

Forbidden Planet’s review said: “involving and well done, Bove’s ideas and tight writing matched by Conor Boyle’s artwork, a dense, dark feel to the lines, to the pages, able to shock and impress equally”.

Here’s an interview that JP did with Geek Syndicate, and here’s where you can order your copy!

If you want to follow our solo exploits, you can visit Lizzie’s webpage at lizzieboylesays.wordpress.com or Conor’s illustration page at https://www.facebook.com/Conor-Boyle-Illustrator-778243145627751/?fref=ts.

We’ll have some more Disconnected news very soon – convention scheduling is under way for 2016!