They’re back. And this time it’s porcine-al…

OK, enough of that. Yes, it’s the news that you have all been waiting for. We are delighted to announce that we will be launching Sentient Zombie Space Pigs Issues 3 AND 4 at ThoughtBubble 2015 this weekend.

Yes, it’s a double issue launch, with issues 3 and 4 bringing the saga of Jenny and Carl Hipstickle, Agent Fuller of the FBI, gap-toothed twins Lloyd and Floyd and some very angry pigs to its dramatic conclusion…

You can find us at ThoughtBubble in Leeds this weekend – we’re in the Marquee on Table 94 – at the end of a row, close to such luminaries as Rob Williams, Laurence Campbell, Chris Weston and Ben Templesmith, all of whom are no doubt kicking themselves for not pioneering the farmyard apocalypse genre….

By way of a teaser, here are two pages from Issue 1 answering your first question: how do you create a sentient zombie space pig?


Come and find us at ThoughtBubble this weekend.

If you’re not going to be there, you can order Sentient Zombie Space Pigs from our online Comicsy shop.

Each issue costs just £1 – to avoid lots of tiny transactions, we can only offer bundles of two or four comics from the Comicsy shop (we have to add P&P too).

If you want a combination that isn’t available there, please email

Welcome to the end of the Aporkalypse…