CoverPost-election and with cuts abounding from George Osborne’s Summer Budget (tax cuts if your estate is worth more than £1m; benefit cuts if you’ve got bugger all), we’ve decided to reduce the cost of political satire anthology CROSS to £5.

CROSS was compiled before the last election and features work from creators including Rob Williams, Mary Talbot, SICBA award winner Emma Beeby, Vertigo writer David Baillie and many many more. It was our rallying call to encourage people to engage with politics; the message remains but the specifics (voting) are now a little past their sell by date (the appearances of Messrs Clegg, Miliband and Farage show that some things have changed since May).

Anyhoo, if you would like 64 pages of poking sticks at the establishment, featuring some fantastic artwork and great storytelling, simply pop on over to our Comicsy shop and order your copy!

All the best!