Let us help you survive the next month of election campaigning with our sideways glance at the world of politics, CROSS. 64 pages of satire, a tablespoon of rage, a sprinkling of Boris and a good dollop of Farage. Plus a pot plant. And the devil.

You can now buy CROSS at the following wonderful comics retailers:

Orbital Comics, 8 Great Newport Street, London WC2H 7JA (map)

GOSH Comics, 1 Berwick Street, London W1F 0DR (map)

Abstract Sprocket, 29 Saint Benedicts Street, Norwich NR2 4PF (map)

Gnash Comics, 9 West Street, Ashburton, Devon TQ13 7DT (map)

Area 51, 230 Gloucester Road, Bristol BS7 8NZ (map)

Komix, 25 Church Street, Melksham, Wiltshire SN12 6LS (map)

Automattic Comics, 17A Pickwick Road, Corsham, Wiltshire SN13 9BQ (map)

We’re hoping to add some Midlands and North retailers to the list very soon! But if you can’t get to one of these lovely shops, we still have options for you:

Find us at Edinburgh Comic Con (11/12 April, Potterow) and The Comics Festival (18 April, Edgbaston, Birmingham)

Email lizzie@disconnectedpress.co.uk and we can arrange for a copy to be sent to you with payment by Paypal or bank transfer.

Visit our online shop at Comicsy, the UK’s trusted marketplace for independent comics; there you can pay by Paypal, debit card or credit card.

No excuses, now. Get your mitts on a copy of CROSS, think about the things you like in the world and the things you don’t and whatever you do, VOTE.CoverUsual Suspects FINAL