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Saturday 7 February will see Disconnected Press – and many others – descending on Cheltenham Racecourse for The True Believers Comic Festival.

We’ll have copies of CROSS, our anthology of political satire in comic form, which is going great guns as we head towards the General Election and we decide that sometimes it’s much better for your soul to laugh at politicians than to listen to them…

In honour of our trip to the home of GCHQ – and my discovery of a new Cheltenham related fact about old-school spies Burgess and Maclean –  we turn our attention away from politics and towards the world of surveillance. This makes an appearance in CROSS, courtesy of Owen Michael Johnson and Conor Boyle‘s story Security.

SecurityOwen‘s one of the busiest and most versatile comic writers emerging in the UK today. His work ranges from the surreal, post-punk-pop fest of Raygun Roads (more colours than you have ever seen), to the muted melancholy of Reel Love (a nostalgic trip to the cinema of your childhood). His latest project Beast Wagon is described as “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest with talking animals”…. His story Security, featured in CROSS, is a little less experimental but does point a very precise finger at the fine balance between living in a surveillance society and maintaining our rights to privacy and freedom of expression. It also features a fat arse and a pot plant…

Conor Boyle‘s artwork brings Security to life. Conor turned his hand to matters historic in drawing On Dangerous Ground, the National Trust for Scotland’s graphic novel of the Battle of Bannockburn (see Down the Tubes’ article here). This followed Pirates of the Lost World, and Who On Earth Was Thaddeus Mist?, both from UK publishers and both set in the 19th century, making him very excited to draw anything that has modern technology in it.

You can find Disconnected Press and pick up your copy of CROSS at Table #F13 at The True Believers Comic Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse this Saturday. Conor will be there with some original artwork on display and I’m sure he can be persuaded to do a sketch or two…

If you can’t make it to Cheltenham, follow this handy link to our Comicsy shop, and you can buy your copy there. CROSS features the work of some of the finest established and emerging UK comics talent including Rob Williams, Mary Talbot, David Baillie and Emma Beeby.

Don’t get mad: get CROSS!