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You know, your vote. You used it a couple of years ago when you voted in your local council elections (well, one in three of you did). More likely, you used it five years ago to help create a very curious coalition (two out of three of you voted that time).CROSSks1

You get to use it again in just over three months’ time. It’s quite useful: it’s the only legitimate way we have of overthrowing a Government if we don’t like it. In the interests of balance, it’s also the only legitimate way of ensuring that a Government you do like stays in power.

Parliament - GlassAnyhoo, the point is this: voter registration has changed. Up until last year, one person per household filled in a form which said who lived there and was eligible to vote.

Now, every individual in the household has to fill in their own form. This has been in the works for a decade, and is a good way of making sure that we don’t miss anyone.

Except the process of change has lost a million voters.

Here at Disconnected Press, we care about votes. Underlying the sarcasm and the venom that populates our political satire anthology CROSS is a core message: use your vote.

In order to use your vote, you need to be registered. So go and dig through that pile of junk mail you’ve been ignoring and make sure you are. Spread the word too, particularly on National Voter Registration Day on February 5th – you can find out more about that at http://bitetheballot.co.uk/nvrd/.

What you do with your vote is entirely up to you. Just don’t lose it….

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