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Time to share some pages from the inside of CROSS, our new comic anthology of politics, humour and trying to change the world (just a little bit).

Here’s the opening salvo from Mary Talbot‘s story Preparation for Leadership, drawn by Alwyn Talbot.

PrepWant to know what follows?

You can order a copy of CROSS over at our Comicsy shop – it’s £10 plus P&P. That gets you 64 pages of politics, humour, great artwork, fantastic storytelling, some thought-provoking prose and some of the best caricatures you’ll see this year.

Today’s factoid, as I look at pictures of posh boys going to school: 33% of MPs were privately educated, compared to 7% of the general population. If you want the party lines, 59% of Labour MPs went to a comprehensive school, compared to 30% of Lib Dems and just 26% of Conservatives.

Does this matter? Shouldn’t we be electing those who are best able to represent our interests, irrespective of personal or educational background? Isn’t it possible for someone to go to public school and come out the other side with a strong social and moral conscience and a liberal (small l) view of the world? Discuss.