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IMG_4979Here it is: the “grand” unveiling of CROSS, our brand new comic anthology of politics, satire, squirrels, guardian angels and a selection of rather nasty horsemen…

The book was incredibly well-received at ThoughtBubble Comic Con in Leeds last weekend. It seems we struck a chord with many people: those who were pleased to see comics taking direct aim at the powerful; those who supported the aim of the book to engage people with the social and political changes around them; and those who like to laugh at the world as they change it.

Post- ThoughtBubble, Lizzie had great fun speaking at Laydeez Do Comics Leeds (thanks, Lou, for the invitation), and really seeing a grass-roots response to CROSS.

We also made contact with two community organisations in Leeds, both working with young and disenfranchised people on a range of issues, and we’re going to share stories from CROSS with them as a way of sparking debate and building participation in local and community issues. WIN!

So what’s it all about? Why not read more about CROSS?

Or, if you’re ready to read a book of political comics and commentary featuring work from 2000AD’s Rob Williams, Emma Beeby and David Baillie, award winning graphic novelist Mary Talbot, British Comic Award nominee Owen Michael Johnson, and many many more, just head over to our online shop on Comicsy and order your copy now!

By way of enticement, here’s a page from The Archaeology Inspector, by David Baillie and artist SPINX, featuring the future of food banks, aka George Osborne’s Kindness Cafes:

Kindness CafeAnd here’s a little something from Emma Beeby and Gavin Mitchell‘s tale The Coalition of Heaven and Hell, featuring an unexpected call centre:

HeavenFor more such shenanigans, spoofs and silliness – as well as a couple of serious messages – order your copy of CROSS for just £10 plus postage at www.comicsy.co.uk/disconnectedpress.