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CoverWe’re delighted to announce that – tomorrow – we will have our hot little hands on copies of CROSS, our new comic anthology of political satire.

In the best create-your-own-adventure tradition, you can now choose one of two options:

I want to read more about CROSS.

I’ve read enough and I want a copy!

This second option will take you to our nice new shop on Comicsy, where you can order CROSS (and some of our other titles) and pay by debit / credit card or by Paypal.

CROSS features an all-star line-up of established and emerging UK comics talent – over 25 creators all brought together to poke a stick at the establishment and see if it’s still alive. Following in the long tradition of satirical cartoons and comics, and taking a very British look at the world in which we live. There are also robots and flying squirrels, if you like that kind of thing.

Still not sure? Here’s what John Freeman has to say at Down The Tubes:

This weekend will see the launch of the CROSS anthology from Disconnected Press at Thought Bubble, a glorious assemblage of political wit, satire and polite British rage!

And we do mean glorious, because Conor Boyle, the co-conspirator in the project with partner Lizzie, has sent us a preview copy which comes with a stonking cover from Pye Parr, and it looks fantastic!

Don’t just watch the world in silence and frustration. Get CROSS!