This wonderful image of Our Dave and Uncle Boris comes from Alwyn Talbot, artist on Preparation for Leadership, in our forthcoming anthology CROSS.

Dave and Boris by Alwyn TalbotDave and Boris have known each other for an awfully long time – from Eton, to Oxford (including that adorable photo of them with their Bullingdon Club chums), and up through the ranks of the Conservative Party. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to feature them in CROSS, loveable rogues that they are.

Here’s an article about Mr Cameron and how some of the things he said don’t quite  match up to some of the things he did:

And here’s one about how Boris made some promises which he found it a teensy bit tricky to keep:

Now before you think we’re claiming some Leftie high ground here, let me point you to some broken promises from our previous Government:

(I particularly like the resemblance between the picture in the Boris article and that of Gordon Brown in the Labour one.)

Oh, and I’m not even going to mention the Lib Dems because that’s too easy.

This sort of stuff annoys us. In fact, it makes us CROSS (do you see what we did?). Which is why our new anthology CROSS came into being. It’s not about being on this side or that side of the political divide. It’s about holding those at the top of the political tree to account and encouraging people to create a political class (for there has to be one) that both represents us and responds to us.

If you think that sounds like a good thing for a comic book to do, why not visit our Kickstarter page and back CROSS? It’s only £10 to buy a copy of the book, which will be delivered to your door before Christmas, postage included (!).

Our CROSS writers include: Rob Williams, Mary Talbot, David Baillie, Emma Beeby, and Tom Eglington…

Our CROSS artists include: Howard Hardiman, PJ Holden, Tom Foster, Matt Timson and Nick Dyer…

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