As a brief aside from promoting our new political satire anthology CROSS (did we mention that we’re fundraising on Kickstarter), we thought we’d share some of our excitement about this weekend.

Yes, we’re heading up the M6 to Kendal for this year’s Lakes International Comic Arts Festival!

Kendal 1Last year’s inaugural event was great: comics took over the town, with workshops and displays in theatres, bars, bookstores and pretty much everywhere else. It was lovely to feel that the whole town was welcoming comics, rather than being hidden away in an aircraft hangar convention hall.

So who are we excited about this year?

In terms of the great and the good, there’s:

Scott McCloud, whose Understanding Comics (and sequels) are the best foundation for any aspiring comic creator.

Nick Abadzis – whose book Laika was beautiful, inspirational and very emotional, and who used to patronise my local bookshop before he moved to the US.

Becky Cloonan – BECKY CLOONAN!

Rob Davis – whose The Motherless Oven is at the top of our shopping list

Audrey Niffenegger – who combines comics creation and fiction writing, and is awesome at both

Sean Phillips – who just owns the Golden Age of Hollywood in comic book form

Gail Simone – who dispenses wisdom faster than most people can spell it

And a number of our collaborators on CROSS (damn, I was doing so well), including Mary Talbot, Verity Glass and Owen Johnson

It’s an incredible line-up and we can’t wait. Come and find us on the first floor in the Comics Clock Tower, and get your copies of Sentient Zombie Space Pigs 2, Do Aliens Play Basketball? and Disconnected Vol 3. Oh, and we might just mention CROSS….