Here at Disconnected Press, we’re generally happy, busy people. But every so often, things make us angry. And we get angry, we do what every self-respecting person does: we make comics.

Welcome to out latest venture: CROSS – A Political Satire Anthology

Header by SoffeCROSS is a 64 page sideswipe at the establishment, brought to you by some of the finest established and emerging creators on the UK comics scene.

We’re delighted to welcome back Disconnected stalwarts including Tom Foster (now also working for 2000AD), Verity Glass (now drawing Dr Who covers for Titan), the prolific Owen Johnson, and the inimitable Matthew Soffe, whose artwork you can see above.

In addition, we’ve enlisted some people you may know, including Rob Williams, Mary Talbot, PJ Holden, Howard Hardiman, Emma Beeby, Matt Timson, Tom Eglington, David Baillie and many, many more! We’ll be introducing you to them in more detail over the coming weeks as we build up to the launch of CROSS at ThoughtBubble.

But first: we need your help!

CROSS is the biggest, boldest book we’ve ever made, with more pages, more creators and possibly more robots than we’ve ever featured… This means that it costs more to produce. So today we’re launching a KICKSTARTER and asking for your help in bringing this book to reality.

Please have a read of the Kickstarter page and, if you like what you read, pledge some money. We’ll say Thank You to everyone who supports us – and we’ll really mean it too!

And spread the word – tweet, post it on Facebook, tell your mum. We’ve always said we thought comics could change the world. This time, we think we’ve got a pretty good shot.

CROSSks1Support us now over at