Welcome to 2014, one and all.

A quick update with new news for you: we have now confirmed that we will be attending Bristol Comic Expo (May 10-11th) and Melksham Comic Con (August 30-31st). More details – and info about other con bookings to follow…! I expect we’ll be at a London show in the near future, and that we’ll be experimenting with an MCM somewhere this year too. We’d also love to go back to the Lakes and to ThoughtBubble, and to try some new smaller conventions.

The response to Sentient Zombie Space Pigs last year was phenomenal, and we’re now working on Issue 2 and ordering a reprint of Issue 1. We’re also planning to launch a digital version in the not-too-distant future (along with the long-promised digital version of Disconnected Vol 1).

More news as we gear up properly for the year ahead. If you’ve submitted work to us over the last couple of weeks, we’ll be reviewing it this weekend and we’ll be back in touch. Thanks for your interest in Disconnected Press!