m1motorway_460x276We’re soon to embark on our journey up the M1 to sunny Leeds for this year’s ThoughtBubble.

You’ll find us at Table 7 in New Dock Hall. But before you do, we thought we’d give you a taster of Disconnected Press’ weekend:

DAPB page1Countdown to launch: we’ll be launching our latest comic Do Aliens Play Basketball? When we say launch, we really mean “opening the box of new comics beautifully printed by UKComics and putting some out on our table”. We might tweet a photo. We’re low-key like that. Read more about Do Aliens Play Basketball?.


Pimping our wares: we’ll also have copies of our 2013 comics – Disconnected Vol 3 and Sentient Zombie Space Pigs.

Disconnected 3 Cover ImageDisconnected presents five standalone stories featuring the weird and wonderful things that happen in small towns. Different creative teams, different genres, different art styles: something for everyone.

Sentient Zombie Space Pigs is… aah, if I have to tell you, you don’t deserve it. Read what clever people thought of it here and here.

We have some copies of our 2012 comics still for sale (have a mooch around different pages of the website to find them). We’re out of printed copies of Disconnected Vol 1, though if enough of you ask for it, we’ll probably do another run. The long-promised online version is coming soon…

Reviewing portfolios: we’re always keen to meet new writers and artists. Come and visit us at Table 7 in New Dock Hall. Bring your portfolios – paper or digital – and we’ll have a chat. Expect constructive criticism, suggestions of people you could talk to for opportunities and the occasional whoop of sheer joy!

Recommending you to visit others: ThoughtBubble this year is enormous, so here’s our handy list of people to go and see (who have also contributed to our comics in the past):

Nathan Ashworth – FiverArts – Royal Armouries Hall, Table 42

PM Buchan – New Dock Hall, Table 109

Kris Carter (maybe) – at Lou Scannon – Allied London Hall, Table 127

Mike Garley and Martin Simmonds – at Eponymous Comics – New Dock Hall, Table 58

Owen Johnson and Max Deacon – at Raygun Roads – New Dock Hall, Table 110

Jon Lock – New Dock Hall, Table 113

Gavin Mitchell – at Stiffs and The Pride – Allied London Hall, Table 39

Sarah Jones – Girl In The Rain – New Dock Hall, Table 47

Owen Watts – at The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel – New Dock Hall, Table 73

Lyndon White – Allied London Hall, Table 75

They are all very lovely and very talented people, so pay them a visit, give them a hug and buy EVERYTHING that they have to offer! (And if I’ve missed anyone, I’m really sorry – tweet us and we’ll give you a mention!).

Last but not least, you’ll find writer Lizzie Boyle and artist Conor Boyle at the Disconnected Press table – Table 7 in New Dock Hall. Come in, turn left and aim for the wall. We’ll be waiting 🙂