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When we started work on Disconnected 3, one of our first thoughts was “I wonder if Mike Garley would write for us.” He’s a busy fella, what with organising an incredibly successful Kickstarter for the Dead Roots zombie anthology, publishing and promoting VS Comics, and corralling most of the UK small press scene into meeting its deadlines.

Thankfully, when we asked him, he said “yes please”.Teaser

Our next challenge: find an artist who could do his story justice. We prayed to the gods of comics and they sent us Peter Mason as we pimped our wares at DemonCon earlier this year.

We asked the pair of them some questions about their work:

How did you get into creating comics?

Mike: I’ve always loved comics and storytelling but never thought it was something I could actually make a living in until a few years ago. I had been working as a manager for various restaurants, and I was desperate to start doing something creative, so I decided to write a comic. I attended a creative writing course and one thing led to another and I ended up doing an MA in writing.

Peter: I’ve been drawing since I can remember. I’ve loved comics since I watched those old Marvel cartoons of X-Men and Spider-Man and said “I wanna do that!”

What’s your process for creating comics? How do you work?

Mike: It’s fairly boring, I’m afraid. I write an idea as a paragraph or two in Word, then I’ll flesh that out into page segments, before copying and pasting it into Final Draft where I’ll format and redraft the hell out of it. I will also drink all the coffee.

Peter: Do you really want to know because its really boring… Really I just draw or colour whatever looks kool. [Ed: do you know how much it hurts me to leave Peter’s original “k” for kool?]

What’s your comics dream?

Mike: I’m enjoying what I’m doing at the moment to be honest. Things are going pretty good with the creator owned stuff that I’m working on. I’d like to get a chance to work on some big titles at some point, but for now I’m happy.

Peter: My dreams is to do comics, webcomics, sell my own stuff, get published with the big guys, for example, Image, IDW, Dark Horse, Marvel…maybe DC.

Mike Garley has written a six part comic for the award-winning beActive Entertainment, Wallace and Gromit for Titan and The Sun and The Anniversary for OFF LIFE. He has self-published several other comics, most notably Eponymous for VS Comics. He is the editor in chief for the zombie comic anthology Dead Roots.

Peter Mason‘s artwork features in Unseen Shadows volume 2, Zombies 2 for Accent UK, the webcomic Thonk!, A Dreams Story and Block of the Dead. He did the colours for Cancertown 2, published by Markosia.

You can read their story The Writer’s Retreat in Disconnected Vol 3, out later this week. Find us at the Comic Art Festival in Kendal, or at ThoughtBubble in Leeds next month, or order from our amazingly high-tech Shop.