Time to meet two more of our creators: relative newcomers but absolute stars-in-the-making, writer Jordan Sam Adams and artist Lyndon White. They have teamed up for The Light Of Calm Springs, a spooky tale which will feature in Disconnected Vol 3 (launching this month!).


How did you start creating comics?

Lyndon: I studied Illustration for Graphic Novels at university, so it is something I have been learning to do as a profession for three years. Before that I’d already drawn a few short comics and started to fall in love with what the medium can do. I’ve still got a background in general illustration and graphic design, but comics are my specialty.

Jordan: By background, I am a musician and filmmaker – but comics have always been a huge passion of mine. As a child I was hooked on Batman and Spiderman, and it pretty much grew from there. A while ago, after years of gigging and filming, I just immersed myself in comics. Eventually I had that same moment we all have and thought: ‘That’s it, I’m writing my own comic!‘ By that point, I’d written screenplays and prose stories so it was a matter of learning the rules of the medium and honing my craft. A lot of people don’t realise how much goes into writing even a short script, but I love the challenges.

What have you produced?

Jordan: At the moment, I’m focusing on small press anthologies whilst working on some longer pieces in the background. So far, I’ve got a couple of stories that will be featured in The Psychedelic Journal Of Time Travel, a story coming out in Markosia’s British Showcase Anthology – and now of course, Disconnected Volume 3!

Outside of comics, I wrote the trailer for a TV drama about the Suffragette movement called ‘The Vote’, which was seen in Cannes. I was part of a small team that was nominated for a Bridport Film award in 2012, and filming started a while back on the pilot episode for a TV series that I wrote called ‘Edison Lane’, which is about several families adapting to life after the bomb in fifties America.

Lyndon: I have self-published two of my own comics. The first is Where were you, created using mixed media and telling the story of a conversation between Death and God. The second is Pinnacle, which is a silent story of a man trying to outrun his past, completely drawn in pencil. I am just finishing the third at the moment which is called Cosmic Fish.

Editor’s note: I love the sound and the look of Cosmic Fish. We too have branched out into animal based comics…. Anyway, back to the creators…

What’s your process for creating comics?

: If a theme is already in place for a book, I’ll go away and mull over the theme and research it, then build up from there. If it’s open, or is something for one of my longer pieces, mostly it begins with images – I’m a very visual writer. For example, one of the stories that’ll be seen later this year began as an image of a pretty young girl reluctantly being placed under anaesthetic using a Victorian-looking mask. I went away with my notebook and asked questions: who is she? why is this happening to her? who is behind it? what’s their motive? I then follow the questions to the story. Most of my work is like that. Plus I’m a coffee junkie, so I’m always in coffee shops scribbling away.

Lyndon: Generally, I work on a script until it’s pretty much finalised. Once that is locked down, I then move on to thumbnailing pages and refining the layouts. Pencil is a go-to tool for drawing then, based on the type of drawing (theme, purpose etc), I’ll move on to other media. There is a sort of balance between traditional and digital, so I can get the best of both.

What’s your comics dream?

Lyndon: I want to continue telling stories, not specific themed stories, just good / interesting ones. That and keep making comics. I have a few concepts on the back burner ready to be worked on. So pitch a project and get it published. Work with a publisher / writer and keep drawing.

Jordan: Having anything published is a dream come true, but if I’m thinking bigger and longer-term then I’d really love to have a creator owned mini-series out there. Should the planets align in the far future, I’ll be honest and say I’d love a crack at Batman – I’ve got 25 years of stories ready to go for him!

Jordan Sam Adams and Lyndon White’s story The Light of Calm Springs will feature in Disconnected Vol 3, available from Disconnected Press in October 2013. We’ll be launching at the Lakes Comic Art Festival in Kendal, so find us there or at future Cons, or order from our Shop.