Saturday 31 August 2013 saw two momentous events:

The second Melksham Comic Con was – impossibly – even better than the first. I’ve yet to find another convention that is so friendly, well-organised and constantly busy all day. Congratulations to Hayley Spencer and her team of Brians for another great show.

Melksham also saw the launch of the comic you’ve all been waiting for:


DisPrSentientZobieSpacePigs_001It’s been a long and arduous… sorry… brief and relatively stress-free process from the original concept meeting (thank you, Thatchers Cider) to the scripting process (halfway up an Alp) to the artwork. We couldn’t have made it without the support of our lovely Kickstarter backers, who kept us well-stocked in biscuits throughout. Many of our backers now feature in the comic itself: we hope we’ve done you justice.

Oh. You want to know more about the comic. Well. It’s called SENTIENT ZOMBIE SPACE PIGS. What’s it about? You really have to ask? Really? Click here for more about SENTIENT ZOMBIE SPACE PIGS or simply go to our SHOP, order it for just £1 and find out for yourself!!

Our next convention will be the Lakes Comic Art Festival in October. We’ll be bringing the pigs and launching another book. See you in Kendal!