So some kind man called Tristan has posted a blog listing the 20 Best Movies Featuring Pigs. That’s the kind of blog we’re interested in here at Disconnected Press as we gear up for the launch of our next comic: Sentient Zombie Space Pigs.

We had a read of Tristan’s list. You can have a read too: it’s at

All a bit sweet, isn’t it?

Of the list, only Animal Farm gets anywhere close to our list. And maybe Babe, though if that pig had been a bit more literate, he wouldn’t have settled for thinking he was a dog.

Given the sweetness of Tristan’s list – and what we’ve discovered from exploring the world of Sentient Zombie Space Pigs – here are some slightly more leftfield, pig-related movies for your consideration:

American Psycho: remember that iconic moment when Patrick Bateman meets Snowball the Vietnamese pot-bellied pig? Of course you do. A highpoint of the movie. Note the cultural borrowing of the name Snowball too.

Carrie: aah, what wcarrie-imageould Carrie be without the fine work of the pig? Picture the prom scene: Carrie on stage, crowned prom queen, tears of joy welling in her eyes and then – nothing happens. Everyone likes her. Life is good… Sorry. No. That’s not the movie we want. We want the bucket full of pig’s blood, tipping in the rafters, pouring down over Carrie, tiara and all. Thank you, unnamed pig, for making this possible.

Speaking of unseen heroes: where would Bartertown be without the pigs to make the fuel on which it is run (Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome)? (Scroll down to “We call it Underworld” at if you don’t believe us.)

And what about Predator? The journey of many a pig has ended in death, and the pig in Predator is no exception. Next time you watch it, look out for the pig and then imagine: what would the movie be like from the pig’s point of view? How did that pig happen to be walking through that piece of jungle? Where did he come from? Where was he going before he was so brutally cut down?

The one we haven’t watched, the one we’re a little bit scared to watch is Daddy’s Deadly Darling from 1972. It tells the story of a disturbed young woman, some dead people and some pigs, and it looks, well, scary.

Help us add to the list: if you’ve got any pig-related movies that aren’t sweet, twee or illegal, let us know 🙂

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Thanks to for assorted inspiration and to Tristan whose imdb list set this whole thing off. ‘Carrie’ image courtesy of whoever holds the copyright, Sissy Spacek and the mind of Stephen King.