A big thank you to all of the organising crew at Cardiff Comic Expo last weekend. They did an amazing job of marshalling exhibitors, speakers, cosplayers and customers around three floors of comics magic.

Some highlights from Disconnected Press:

The Women In Comics panel: Lizzie shared the stage with the inimitable Stacey Whittle, Jess Bradley and Naniiebim to discuss the question of Women In Comics. We spent quite a while actually trying to figure out what the question was, given that Cardiff Expo had already attracted a significant share of female creators and customers. Each of us was probably too busy making comics, reading comics, selling comics or reviewing comics to be daunted by any barriers that may have been in our way… That said, we did touch on the issue of female participation in, representation in and consumption of different genres of comic, and the pro’s and con’s of positive discrimination.

The Getting Ahead in Small Press / Self-Publishing Panel: again, Lizzie did the talking, along with Richmond Clements, Owen Watts, MontyNero, Dan Harris and Ian Sharman. A wide-ranging discussion with lots of questions about process, costs, portfolios and promotion (dangit, why couldn’t costs start with a p?). Check out Lizzie’s blog for a crystallisation of some advice for fledgling comics writers.

Our lovely customers: especially those who had bought from us previously and came back for our latest books. Disconnected Vol 1 and Vol 2 both sold well and it was a great weekend for How To Kill Bears, an anthology of four stories about girls at important crossroads in their lives.

The cosplayers: I’m starting to think that Cardiff has the best cosplayers in the UK. All ages, shapes and sizes, though my favourites were the two tiny Dr Who boys (a Matt Smith and a Sylvester McCoy, aged about 6).

The pub: It has to be mentioned. The Ernest Willows in Cardiff provided the backdrop for long evenings of comics discussion, mingling professionals, small press and fans. And it has the most fantastic ladies toilets in all the land. Honest.

Once again, thank you Cardiff. We have a weekend off now to work on Disconnected Vol 3 and a couple of other books we’re planning for the next few months, and then we’ll be heading to Maidstone on March 17th for DemonCon 5. Now we just have to get the car fixed…