Time to meet another of our new creators:

Bettina Fung is the artist for The Pit, a story in the forthcoming anthology How To Kill Bears. We met Bettina earlier this year and were immediately captivated by her enthusiasm for comics and the brilliance of her art. Originally trained as a computer animator, she has followed her artistic instincts into film-making, paintings and comics, to mention a few.

It was Bettina’s drawings which really drew me in – have a look at her gallery at http://www.bettinafungwanshan.co.uk/gallery.html. The twists and contortions in the way she draws human anatomy really struck home and made her the perfect choice for some of the physical nastiness in The Pit.

Here’s Bettina in her own words:

How did you get into drawing comics?

I have been drawing ever since I could remember.  I was born in Hong Kong and lived there until I was 8. Hong Kong was and still is heavily influenced by Japanese culture so I was exposed to a lot of manga and Japanese animation when growing up. I used to copy and learn how to draw the cartoon and manga characters I liked.  My first comics were produced around the age of 12 as presents for my family and eventually as presents for friends.  After a while, I stopped and focused on animation and film and then went on to creating more fine art based work. In 2009,  a short comic course run by Zeel in Camberwell really got me back into making comics and wanting to fully explore this medium.

What have you produced / had published?

In the short comic course, we produced a version of Little Red Riding Hood. Shortly after, I created a fold-up mini-comic called “A Little Book To Help You When You Can’t Stop Vomitting” (I spelt vomiting wrong in the title!). In 2010 and 2011, I collaborated with some artists and formed a collective to self-publish a quarterly fanzine called Cock No7 which included a few short comics together with other artworks.

What’s your process for drawing? How do you work?

My fine art works are largely developed through chance and intuition where I just let go and draw. However, my comic work is different; it has a higher level of control, where the layout and how each panel connects with the others are thought out and planned. I start by reading the script and think of ideas for the layout of each page. I like movement so will see how I could arrange the panels to let the whole story flow. I would then sketch the layout and discuss it with the writer; once we decide on the layout, I will start drawing the panels.

What’s your comics dream?

I saw an exhibition a while ago called ‘Hypercomics: The Shapes of Comics to Come’ in which Dave McKean did an installation where, in my interpretation, he pretty much made a comic in 3D space. I thought that was such a cool idea and an interesting way to push storytelling further. My dream is to get to make a lot of comics – making my own as well as collaborating with others but I would also love to explore the idea of creating immersive comic environments – bringing comics into 3D space.

You can see more of Bettina’s work at her website, and in the anthology How To Kill Bears, which will be launched by Disconnected Press at ThoughtBubble in November.