Time to meet two more of our creators! Disconnected Vol 2 is coming together as smoothly as an anxious editor will admit and one of the highlights is a gem of a story called Pests, from the pen of Matthew Craig and the pencil of Neil McClements.

Matthew made us laugh the first time we met him: when he was speaking at a Con panel about how depressing life can be as a writer and comic artist. The more depressed he got, the funnier it was. This probably says as much about us as it does about Matthew….

Neil is a graduate of the Disconnected system. Which makes us sound very grand but basically means he drew for us earlier in the year (his art for the story Lee provided a fabulous conclusion to Lost: Boys), and we wanted him back.

Matthew Craig and Neil McClements: up close and personal. Click to read more….

How did you get into creating comics?

Neil: For my last biog for Disconnected Press, I honestly said that I hadn’t gotten into drawing comics; it was just a bit of fun. Well, that’s changed. I have definitely caught the comics bug. In the six months since Lost: Boys was published, I’ve drawn another four strips with four more to be completed by next March. I’ve also been lucky enough to pick up various paid jobs. Disconnected Press can take some credit for this. [Ed: Aww, thanks. <blush>]

Matthew: I was a scientist studying mutation dynamics on the Y chromosome before my life and career came to a crashing, crushing halt. Then my dead dog appeared to me in a vision and suggested I might like to try exploiting both my propensity for nonsense and my galloping neuroses. [Ed: See?]

What’s your process for writing / drawing?

Matthew: Lots of notes in lots of places, but mostly in my head, then disgorged in an explosion of frantic typing and tea.

Neil: Find the time first! When I was doing little bits here and there, time was never too much of a problem. Nowadays it’s the biggest challenge I face. Once I’ve found the time: work like a mad man. Research, references, sketches, design, find a nice starting point which is rarely on page 1 and then just dive in.

What’s your comic dream?

Neil: I’m still not looking to make a huge career at the moment, but I am still trying to improve as an artist and a comic artist. I’m thinking and looking to the future with ideas of styles, techniques and ability. My thoughts lay less with what I’d like to draw and more with how and for whom. It’s all about making the best of the time available and investing my time wisely on something i think is worth it.

Matthew: I want to tell my stories my way. Standard comic format, French comic format, Commando format, webcomics. Sports comics, sitcoms, love stories, life stories. The Great British Superhero Comic. I would also like the Doctor Who slot someday. Is that too much to ask?

You can read more of Matthew’s work in:

Bayou Arcana (Markosia) – a great anthology of supernatural gothic horror set in the Louisiana swamp.

Bostin Heroes webcomic – a Midlands based multi-superhero story

– A selection of British superhero stories, including Trixie Biker, Tryhard and Tearaway and our favourite Trouble Bruin – www.thematthewcraig.com

And you can fine more of Neil’s art in:

Dr WTF?! – the best non-affiliated time travel comic anthology in the world.

Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel – better than Dr WTF?!

Salvage – due out from Abandoned Comics in 2013

You’ll find them both together in Disconnected Vol. 2, which goes on sale at ThoughtBubble in November 2012. Pre-order your copy by emailing lizzie@disconnectedpress.co.uk.