How to Kill Bears is our follow-up to Lost: Boys, an anthology of four stories written by Lizzie Boyle featuring artwork by relative newcomers. The reception for Lost: Boys was fantastic; so much so that we’ve sold out of print copies and plan to launch a digital version in the coming weeks.

But enough of that, what about these bears?

How to Kill Bears will follow a similar format to Lost: Boys. Four stories written by Lizzie, made real by some incredibly talented new artists. Let’s introduce you to one of them, the lovely Bekah Withers.

We met Bekah at Melksham Comic Con earlier this year. She was full of passion and enthusiasm for comics, but it was only on her second or third lap of the hall that she mentioned she could also draw. And that she had a sketchbook with her.

Wow. That sketchbook was fantastic. Have a look at Bekah’s DeviantArt page and you’ll get an idea of what she can do. Within minutes, we’d signed her up and set her going. Here’s a little sample of what she’s done for How To Kill Bears:

So, who is Bekah Withers? She’s a music student at Southampton University (a fresher!) with a long history of comics and a healthy interest in blood and guts.

How did you get into comics?

My Dad bought me some manga books and Marvel comics when I was around ten years old, and I ended up buying a lot more! My drawing shifts between manga and indie style, and I’d love to work on a manga-style comic in the future.

What’s your process for drawing comics?

Story board, character design and then starting the pencil work. Then inking up (I like the roughness of brushed inks), and scanning and tidying up in Photoshop. I like to be a bit abstract with the art when I can; it’s good to mix things up. And a bit of gore is always good.

What’s your comics dream? What would you love to do?

Wow, that’s a hard one. I haven’t even been in this business for very long (Disconnected’s note: How To Kill Bears will be Bekah’s first published comic), but it takes you all kinds of places and you work on things that you never even thought you’d be doing. Right now, I’d probably say doing some work for Marvel or ShoujoBeat.


Bekah’s artwork will be available in How To Kill Bears which will be on sale at ThoughtBubble in Leeds in November. You can pre-order your copy now by emailing