It’s the final blogging opportunity before Bristol Comic Expo (thank the Lord, say you). Rather than talk about the comics again, it’s time to tell you what we’re really looking forward to this weekend:

The 2000AD Panel (4.15pm, Saturday)

In part for the guests (Flint, Edginton, D’Israeli, Cook, Goddard and Higgins) but more for the Dimblebys of comic panels: Iz McAuliffe and Stacy Whittle. Fresh from their fantastic panel at Cardiff, we can’t wait to see them back in action, asking the questions that none dare ask….

The launch of White Knuckle (including a panel at 2pm on Sunday)

Cy Dethan, Valia Kapadia and Nic Wilkinson with another tale of delightful shenanigans in the springtime by the lake… oh no, hang on, it’s Dethan. It’s going to be twisted. It’s going to be strange. It’s going to be twisted and strange and quite possibly brilliant. If it’s not, they’ll win me back with previews of Cancertown 2.

Star-Spangled Wars – the latest from Sgt Mike Battle

The ever-lovely Graham Pearce (now on Twitter as @MrGrahamPearce) is launching a new Sgt Mike Battle issue. He doesn’t do sketches unless he sees them as an artistic challenge. I am, therefore, still utterly proud of the sketch he produced of Sgt Mike Battle fighting Mussolini on his armoured rhinoceros….

Dr WTF!? Volume 2

Edited by the incomparable Owen Watts, more bizarre, surreal, colourful and downright odd adventures in time and space. A Bristol-dweller, Owen will no doubt also be offering advice on local hostelries and whether it’s OK to drink the cloudy cider (answer: only if you’re Owen).

The Ramada Bar on Saturday night

No Eurovision this year (dang it!), but beer and sketching a-plenty. Depending on our sales on Saturday, we’ll either be buying the beers or crying into them.

Hope to see some of you good people there; look out for the Disconnected Press table, come and say Hi, buy a comic or two and mop us up in the bar afterwards.

Lizzie and Conor

We’ll look like this, but without the hats: