Time to meet another of our creators. This time it’s Louis Carter, who’s drawn a strip called Billy for one of the anthologies we’ll be launching at Bristol Comic Expo.

I saw Louis’ work first under the guise Cthulouis on the 2000AD Forum. Some of his line work was so intricate that I wanted to see more! We worked together on a strip called Storage, published in Back From The Depths’ Hallowscream in October 2011. His work there made him a natural first choice for the story of Billy.

Here’s a bit more about Louis Carter:1.How did you get into drawing comics?

It’s the usual story of reading comics as a kid and trying to make them myself. Thankfully, I don’t think any of those childhood attempts survive, but I’m sure some of them will turn up to embarrass me at some point. More recently, I tried putting up some of my work on the internet, and people liked it enough to ask me to collaborate with them.

2.What have you produced / had published?

My first break came when Matt Mclaughlin asked me to work on Lugal, a story published in Temple APA. It had Lovecraftian monsters and hollow-earth themes and I loved it. That led to Dirk Van Dom asking me to do Halo and the Gryphon for Vanguard. I’ve done two issues worth of that so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Dirk’s going to throw at us next. I’ve had art in both of Owen WattsDr WTF?!s, and at the moment I’m at work on my second episode of Rise of the Mekkosapiens with Matt again. Then of course there was Storage in Hallowscream, and Billy for the forthcoming anthology, both written by your good self.

3.What’s your process for drawing comics, ie, how do you work?

Messily! I envy those artists who produce nice clean pencils and beautifully smooth inks, all on one piece of board. Fortunately, I also envy those who improvise their ink over various sketches and then cobble it all together on the computer. ‘Cause… other artists work like that as well, right?

4.What’s your comics dream, ie, what would you love to do?

Gain the perfect balance between being good, being fast, and being paid to do this job! On a more imaginative and fun note, I would love to work on some of my childhood favourites, like ABC Warriors, or Slaine.

Find out more about Louis’ work on his blog: http://lrgcarter.blogspot.co.uk/