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We’re about six weeks away from launching our two new anthologies at Bristol Comic Expo. So we thought it was time you got to know some of the people who have contributed their stories, art, advice, time and wisdom to what we’re producing.

This weekend, the world of the comic con moves north. Very north. To Inverness, in fact, and to Hi-Ex. One of the organisers of Hi-Ex is Richmond Clements, stalwart of the small press, wearer of white suits and, as it happens, a very fine dancer. He’s the writer of Whispers which features in our Disconnected anthology with art by Stuart Tipples. Disconnected brings together a selection of small-town stories, affectionately known as “Twin Peaks meets Donnie Darko”.

We asked Richmond some questions:

How did you get into writing comics?

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. But I only started writing comics when I joined the 2000AD online forum and hooked up with Dave Evans and James McKay on FutureQuake. Everything kind of started from there.

Tell us about the work you’ve had published.

[There has been] loads of stuff in our FutureQuake Press books, as well as many many Small Press things – too many to list here, I think. I’m writing a series called Black Dragon for Strip Magazine. I have a book in the works for Com.X and a couple for Markosia. I’m writing a series about Brian Ború for an Irish comic imprint called Lightning Strike. I wrote a story for Barry Nugent’s Unseen Shadows collection and will be writing another for the next collection. And of course there’s Turning Tiger, which is available now from Renegade Arts Entertainment and Arcana.

What’s your process for writing comics? How do you work?

It varies from script to script. Sometimes I just start at page 1, panel 1 and work my way through; others I’ll go through and write only the panel descriptions and then take a second pass to add any dialogue. Then I’ll leave it a day or two before going back for another look. Then off to the editor who will either ask for more changes or, if I’m lucky, say it’s good to go.

What’s your comics dream, ie, what would you love to do?

Make a living at it.

It’s not too late to go to Hi-Ex or to follow the action on Twitter (@HiExComicCon or #hiex2012); best of luck to Richmond and the incredible Vicky Stonebridge for this year’s event. If you can’t make it to Hi-Ex, why not plan to come to Bristol Expo, track us down and buy your copy of Disconnected Issue 1? See you there!