Back the other way along the M4 after a heady weekend of comics chat at Cardiff Comic Expo.

It was our first outing with something concrete to say about our plans (and our beloved business cards). Words of wisdom and support came from many sources, including Eddie Deighton of Com.X, Steve Tanner of Time Bomb Comics and the wonderful Bolt-01 of FutureQuake. Best of all was the message repeated in many of the conversations, panels and foggy hangovers of the weekend: if you’re passionate about your comic, then make your comic.

Our first Disconnected anthology will be launching at Bristol Comic Expo in May. It was great to see Gavin Mitchell at Cardiff and to get sight of some of his pencils for a strip written by Greg Meldrum. Gavin first came to our attention when he won a 2000AD art-talent spotting competition at ThoughtBubble last year; he has a great way with character, and is enjoying the historical research that Greg’s story is forcing him to carry out (though don’t ask him what he thinks of Thomas Edison).

We also met Stuart Tipples, who’s drawing a strip for us written by Richmond Clements. A match made in twisted heaven! You can see some of Stuart’s latest work in his story Blood and Sacrifice in the Into the Woods anthology, launched this weekend at Cardiff (Lizzie has reviewed it here).

We’ll be posting some preview images from the Disconnected anthology in the coming weeks, as well as creator interviews. If you want to get involved with future publications from Disconnected Press, get in touch!