Disconnected Press announce CROSS – A Political Satire Anthology

Here at Disconnected Press, we’re generally happy, busy people. But every so often, things make us angry. And we get angry, we do what every self-respecting person does: we make comics.

Welcome to out latest venture: CROSS – A Political Satire Anthology

Header by SoffeCROSS is a 64 page sideswipe at the establishment, brought to you by some of the finest established and emerging creators on the UK comics scene.

We’re delighted to welcome back Disconnected stalwarts including Tom Foster (now also working for 2000AD), Verity Glass (now drawing Dr Who covers for Titan), the prolific Owen Johnson, and the inimitable Matthew Soffe, whose artwork you can see above.

In addition, we’ve enlisted some people you may know, including Rob Williams, Mary Talbot, PJ Holden, Howard Hardiman, Emma Beeby, Matt Timson, Tom Eglington, David Baillie and many, many more! We’ll be introducing you to them in more detail over the coming weeks as we build up to the launch of CROSS at ThoughtBubble.

But first: we need your help!

CROSS is the biggest, boldest book we’ve ever made, with more pages, more creators and possibly more robots than we’ve ever featured… This means that it costs more to produce. So today we’re launching a KICKSTARTER and asking for your help in bringing this book to reality.

Please have a read of the Kickstarter page and, if you like what you read, pledge some money. We’ll say Thank You to everyone who supports us – and we’ll really mean it too!

And spread the word – tweet, post it on Facebook, tell your mum. We’ve always said we thought comics could change the world. This time, we think we’ve got a pretty good shot.

CROSSks1Support us now over at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/657603937/cross-a-political-satire-anthology.

Announcing: An Announcement!

got-patienceYou’ve been very patient….

And you won’t have to wait much longer.

This time next week, we will be hitting the newswires with some Very Exciting News about our next publication. Due out at ThoughtBubble in November, it promises to be our Biggest, Boldest Book yet, featuring some of our favourite creators, both emerging and established.

Artwork has been coming in thick and fast and we can promise you, among other things:

  • Robots
  • Spies
  • Public schoolboys
  • The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
  • Someone with a bucket on his head

To make it all possible, we’ll be looking to you – our lovely readers – for help with a bit of fundraising. We had a rather spiffing time the last time we launched a Kickstarter, but this time, our goals will be higher and our rewards more to do with production costs than with keeping us stocked in biscuits.

So keep your eyes on this website and the @DisconnectedPrs Twitter feed on Wednesday 8 October. No more announcing announcements – next week, we’re definitely going to announcing our new comic, telling you who’s in it and what it’s about, and asking for your help in making it a reality.

A Cultural Exploration of the Pig in Contemporary Music (honestly)

Last year, as we launched Sentient Zombie Space Pigs Issue 1, we reflected on the cultural significance of the humble swine in the realm of the motion picture. (Yes, we really did. And yes, we should get out more.)

pigsThis year, we thought we would take you on a musical journey. All rights obviously belong to those who own them and we are grateful for the opportunity to share them with you.

Where to start? Continue reading

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner… Again…

pig2August 2013. An unsuspecting farmer unleashed a plague that no-one could have predicted.

They were feral.

They were hungry.

They were somehow quite intelligent.

They were the Sentient Zombie Space Pigs – and they are coming back!

Yes, we’re delighted to announce that Issue 2 of Sentient Zombie Space Pigs will be launching on 30 August at Melksham Comic Con, one year on from the debut of Issue 1. And we can confirm that we’re holding the cover price steady at just £1. Yep, 100 pence for 20 whole pages of porcine panic, bacon brutality and downright Ham-a-geddon.

Once again, dear readers, we are giving you the chance to leave your bloody hoofprint on our comic. After the success of last year’s competition – and because we can’t think of anything different – here’s The Very Same Competition!

What to do? We have always been impressed by comics and books that have marvellous quotes on them to tell you how good they are. “A tremendous piece of work!” “A bold new direction for comics!” “Not bad!” – that sort of thing.

We’d like you to provide us with a quote. Two conditions: one, you don’t get to read the comic first (!) and two, it must feature a pig-based pun.

The top three quotes will feature on the back cover of SENTIENT ZOMBIE SPACE PIGS 2 and win a signed copy of Issue 2 of SENTIENT ZOMBIE SPACE PIGS. Our favourite quoter will also win a character sketch from the comic by the world’s finest zombie pig artist: Conor Boyle.

How to enter: simple – add a comment to this blog or enter via Twitter to @DisconnectedPrs.

Closing date: midnight on Wednesday 13 August 2014.

Spread the word. The SENTIENT ZOMBIE SPACE PIGS are coming – back!

Bristol, you were great!

Last weekend saw Disconnected Press at our third Bristol Comic Expo.

Bristol 2012 was the site for launching our first comics – Disconnected Vol 1 and Lost: Boys. We got such a warm welcome and a positive reception from people that it’s been a delight to go back each subsequent year.

We did the maths yesterday and realised that – in our two years of existence – we have produced seven books and worked with 38 creators. It seems a lot longer than two years (in the nicest possible way), and we’re truly proud to have worked with some great people, a number of whom are embarking on professional comics careers with major publishers (details soon – can’t let cats out of bags) and all of whom have gone on to produce great work within the UK small and independent press. At some point, I promise to do a “where are they now?” blog…

This year, we introduced Bristol Comic Expo to Disconnected Vol 3, Do Aliens Play Basketball? and the inimitable Sentient Zombie Space Pigs. The Pigs are on their second print run and are our best-selling comic to date (and don’t worry, folks, Issue 2 is due out in August. And we can confirm there will be four issues in total. And that the price per issue will never go above £1 plus postage. Phew.).

For some reasons, they also let both Conor and I speak to people this year. I had the great honour of interviewing Arthur Suydam - the Zombie King – who produced much of the great artwork associated with Marvel Zombies and has some stunning zombie riffs on classic American art. And I said my bit in the Small Press: Passion or Pain panel, where I talked getting started, marketing, motivation, digital, and purple porcupines with Nich Angell, Jess Bradley, Jon Lock and Ian Matthews. Conor for his part spoke in the panel on panels (very meta) – talking technique, page layout, panel design and the importance of white space with Ian Matthews and others.

Next official stop for the Disconnected wagon is Melksham at the end of August; however, we’re looking at convention opportunities before that and we will have BIG NEWS about a new book very soon indeed….

Artists wanted (and writers too!)

TeaserWe’re plotting and planning the year ahead here at Disconnected Press.

We’re working with some incredible, up-and-coming comic writers (and remain on the lookout for more), and we’re most decidedly on the hunt for artists.

Have a look at the pages for each of our publications (see the navigation at the top of the page).

AllRoadsLeadToHell TeaserThe main outlet is Disconnected, our periodic anthology of small town stories, weird and wonderful things that happen in small towns that don’t make the big city press.

TeaserWe’re open to a wide variety of styles  – the thumbnails give you an indication of some of the artwork we have featured – and to teams of artists working together.


RMN 2We love to showcase new and emerging UK comics talent, bringing people together on creative projects and hopefully launching them on to bigger and brighter things.

If you’ve submitted artwork to us before, send us an updated link and we’ll happily look again.

Simply email samples of your work or a link to your portfolio / DeviantArt page to lizzie@disconnectedpress.co.uk.

Happy New Year from Disconnected Press!

Welcome to 2014, one and all.

A quick update with new news for you: we have now confirmed that we will be attending Bristol Comic Expo (May 10-11th) and Melksham Comic Con (August 30-31st). More details – and info about other con bookings to follow…! I expect we’ll be at a London show in the near future, and that we’ll be experimenting with an MCM somewhere this year too. We’d also love to go back to the Lakes and to ThoughtBubble, and to try some new smaller conventions.

The response to Sentient Zombie Space Pigs last year was phenomenal, and we’re now working on Issue 2 and ordering a reprint of Issue 1. We’re also planning to launch a digital version in the not-too-distant future (along with the long-promised digital version of Disconnected Vol 1).

More news as we gear up properly for the year ahead. If you’ve submitted work to us over the last couple of weeks, we’ll be reviewing it this weekend and we’ll be back in touch. Thanks for your interest in Disconnected Press!


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