Inside Look: Preparation for Leadership by Mary Talbot and Alwyn Talbot


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Time to share some pages from the inside of CROSS, our new comic anthology of politics, humour and trying to change the world (just a little bit).

Here’s the opening salvo from Mary Talbot‘s story Preparation for Leadership, drawn by Alwyn Talbot.

PrepWant to know what follows?

You can order a copy of CROSS over at our Comicsy shop – it’s £10 plus P&P. That gets you 64 pages of politics, humour, great artwork, fantastic storytelling, some thought-provoking prose and some of the best caricatures you’ll see this year.

Today’s factoid, as I look at pictures of posh boys going to school: 33% of MPs were privately educated, compared to 7% of the general population. If you want the party lines, 59% of Labour MPs went to a comprehensive school, compared to 30% of Lib Dems and just 26% of Conservatives.

Does this matter? Shouldn’t we be electing those who are best able to represent our interests, irrespective of personal or educational background? Isn’t it possible for someone to go to public school and come out the other side with a strong social and moral conscience and a liberal (small l) view of the world? Discuss.

CROSS: in all its glory!


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IMG_4979Here it is: the “grand” unveiling of CROSS, our brand new comic anthology of politics, satire, squirrels, guardian angels and a selection of rather nasty horsemen…

The book was incredibly well-received at ThoughtBubble Comic Con in Leeds last weekend. It seems we struck a chord with many people: those who were pleased to see comics taking direct aim at the powerful; those who supported the aim of the book to engage people with the social and political changes around them; and those who like to laugh at the world as they change it.

Post- ThoughtBubble, Lizzie had great fun speaking at Laydeez Do Comics Leeds (thanks, Lou, for the invitation), and really seeing a grass-roots response to CROSS.

We also made contact with two community organisations in Leeds, both working with young and disenfranchised people on a range of issues, and we’re going to share stories from CROSS with them as a way of sparking debate and building participation in local and community issues. WIN!

So what’s it all about? Why not read more about CROSS?

Or, if you’re ready to read a book of political comics and commentary featuring work from 2000AD’s Rob Williams, Emma Beeby and David Baillie, award winning graphic novelist Mary Talbot, British Comic Award nominee Owen Michael Johnson, and many many more, just head over to our online shop on Comicsy and order your copy now!

By way of enticement, here’s a page from The Archaeology Inspector, by David Baillie and artist SPINX, featuring the future of food banks, aka George Osborne’s Kindness Cafes:

Kindness CafeAnd here’s a little something from Emma Beeby and Gavin Mitchell‘s tale The Coalition of Heaven and Hell, featuring an unexpected call centre:

HeavenFor more such shenanigans, spoofs and silliness – as well as a couple of serious messages – order your copy of CROSS for just £10 plus postage at

Frustrated at the state of the world? Don’t get mad, get CROSS!


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CoverWe’re delighted to announce that – tomorrow – we will have our hot little hands on copies of CROSS, our new comic anthology of political satire.

In the best create-your-own-adventure tradition, you can now choose one of two options:

I want to read more about CROSS.

I’ve read enough and I want a copy!

This second option will take you to our nice new shop on Comicsy, where you can order CROSS (and some of our other titles) and pay by debit / credit card or by Paypal.

CROSS features an all-star line-up of established and emerging UK comics talent – over 25 creators all brought together to poke a stick at the establishment and see if it’s still alive. Following in the long tradition of satirical cartoons and comics, and taking a very British look at the world in which we live. There are also robots and flying squirrels, if you like that kind of thing.

Still not sure? Here’s what John Freeman has to say at Down The Tubes:

This weekend will see the launch of the CROSS anthology from Disconnected Press at Thought Bubble, a glorious assemblage of political wit, satire and polite British rage!

And we do mean glorious, because Conor Boyle, the co-conspirator in the project with partner Lizzie, has sent us a preview copy which comes with a stonking cover from Pye Parr, and it looks fantastic!

Don’t just watch the world in silence and frustration. Get CROSS!

CROSS: five days til launch!


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It’s five days until the official launch of CROSS, our new comic anthology of political satire.

CROSS will go on sale at the ThoughtBubble Comic Convention at the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds, on Saturday 15th November. You can find us at Table 84 in the Royal Armouries Hall (in the centre of the hall).

In honour of the final countdown before publication day, and our love of politicians’ ability to, well, to just mess up, here are some of our favourite fails by those elected to high office: Continue reading

CROSS goes to print!

We at Disconnected Press would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us along the way with our new anthology, CROSS. It means a huge amount to us to have had support from so many people over the past few months.

Just to let you know, the book is now with the printers, those lovely folks at UKComics, and will be launching at ThoughtBubble, one of the UK’s largest comic conventions, on November 15th. For those who’ve already booked their tickets, you can find us in the Royal Armouries, at Table 84.

We will be promoting the book at further comic conventions, in bookstores and with a variety of events and splashes in the period up to the General Election.

We’ll keep you posted with more exciting developments!

REVEALED: more details of the line-up for our new comic anthology CROSS


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CROSSks1With just under two weeks to go until our Kickstarter deadline, we wanted to share some artwork and details from CROSS, our new anthology of poking fun at politicians… sorry, important political satire.

There are some names you’ll know, and some you won’t, but all of them have done great work on our behalf. If you like what you see, then head to and sign up to buy a copy of the book for £10 including postage. That way, you’ll find 64 pages of comics and satire dropping through your letterbox before Christmas.

So here they are: most of the cast of creators who have made CROSS far far better than we could ever have imagined:

Press - SpinxDavid Baillie and SPINX: 2000AD writer David Baillie and SPINX bring flair, imagination and a healthy disdain for the powerful to their story The Archaeology Inspector.

Rob Williams and PJ Holden: A dynamic duo from the 2000AD stable, their story for CROSS tracks the progress of an earnest and serious young man who is determined to do good in the world by becoming an MP.

Howard Hardiman: One of our favourite indie creators, whose book The Lengths combines humour, erotica and dogs in a totally legal way. Now he turns his attention to squirrels and fascism. Obviously.

Dave and Boris by Alwyn TalbotMary Talbot and Alwyn Talbot: Costa Award winner Mary Talbot brings us the early years of many of our favourite political figures, with some amazing caricatures and a very cute teddy bear provided by artist Alwyn.

Richmond Clements and Nick Dyer: Small press superstar Richmond and 2000AD artist Nick team up to place an unexpected character on border patrol duty at the Channel Tunnel.

Goodbye RikCy Dethan and Matt Timson: From the creator of Cancertown Cy Dethan and internationally published artist Matt Timson comes the story of an individual’s battle against the system.

Hell2 - MitchellEmma Beeby and Gavin Mitchell: Judge Dredd writer Emma Beeby and fantastic emerging talent Gavin Mitchell team up to explore the coalition of Heaven and Hell.

Owen Johnson and Conor Boyle: British Comics Award nominee Owen Johnson brings a dark edge to this story of our surveillance society, illustrated by Disconnected’s own Conor Boyle.

Parliament - GlassTom Eglington and Verity Glass: 2000AD writer Tom Eglington and Dr Who cover artist Verity Glass channel everyone’s favourite Christmas movie to explore the way life turns out if you vote… and if you don’t…

Tom Foster: Emerging 2000AD star Tom brings us a story of the sacrifices we all need to make for austerity – we are all in it together, after all.

Header by SoffeWe’ve also got a cover by the amazing Pye Parr, illustrations by small press dynamo and all-round good egg Matthew Soffe (who created the caricatures to the left), lettering by Jim Campbell (because letterers deserve more credit) and a couple of surprises that we’re keeping up our sleeve for another few days….

Tempted? Of course you are! Head on over to and sign up to buy a copy of the book for £10 including postage. You won’t pay anything until after 8 November, the book comes out a week later, and you’ll have a copy of cross through your letterbox in time for the Queen’s Speech.

Thanks for reading!

CROSS: Dave and Boris, then and now

This wonderful image of Our Dave and Uncle Boris comes from Alwyn Talbot, artist on Preparation for Leadership, in our forthcoming anthology CROSS.

Dave and Boris by Alwyn TalbotDave and Boris have known each other for an awfully long time – from Eton, to Oxford (including that adorable photo of them with their Bullingdon Club chums), and up through the ranks of the Conservative Party. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to feature them in CROSS, loveable rogues that they are. Continue reading

A sneak preview of CROSS artwork – and a video we love

Back from our trip to the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, truly a delightful weekend in the country. Kendal embraced the festival again, with comics exhibitions, talks, sales and workshops throughout the town. It’s a great show, highly recommended.

Our thoughts turn again to CROSS, which has now broken through the £500 mark over on Kickstarter. To celebrate, we thought we’d share a little snippet of artwork by Matt Timson, from the story Pulling The Plug by Cy Dethan.

Goodbye RikAnd because it was such a beautiful panel, celebrating one of our generation’s finest comedians, we thought we’d accompany it with a video. Here’s Rik Mayall, as Alan B’stard, with a party political broadcast on behalf of the Conservative Party:

If you like a bit of politics in your comics, why not head over to and pledge £10 on Kickstarter to pre-order your copy. We’ll be posting out books to reach you all by Christmas.

Thanks for reading!


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